Well, I was reading my Marketing text book and....

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  1. I found this great little example about LV !! It is in the chapter titled "New-Product Developement and Life-Cycle Strategies" *gag*, I know!

    "Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Behind a locked door in the basement of Louis Vuitton's elegant Paris headquarters, a mechanical arm hoists a brown-and-tan handbag a half-meter off the floor--then drops it. The bag, loaded with an 3.5-km weight, will be lifted, and dropped, over and over again, for four days. This is Vuitton's test labratory, a high-tech torture chamber for its fabled luxury goods. Another piece of lab equiptment bombards the handbags with ultra-violet rays to test resistance to fading. Still another tests zippers by tugging them open and shutting them 5000 times. There's even a mechanized mannequin hand, with a Vuitton charm bracelet around its wrist, being shaken vigorously to make sure none of the charms fell off."

    This really put into perspective the quality being LV! Those bags take quite a hit for us!:boxing:
  2. Poor bags ! I suppose crash testing must be done for everything.. and we are paying for it in the sticker price as well ! :Push:
  3. wow! that's intense
  4. woo that sounds like a fun place to work!!! i would LOVE to do that :biggrin: I wonder if they're Hiring?? lol
  5. oooh interesting! no wonder why mc bags are indestructable lol
  6. Crash test LVs. I kinda want to see this happen!
  7. This is great but I think it's only during the development stage of a bag. Just think of all the problems everyone has been having lately here on TPF with their bags - name plate or screw falling off the Eva, peeling handles on the Epi bags, misaligned pleats on the Tivoli .... Why can't they stay up to standard with the prices they are charging? Don't get me wrong, I still ove my Louis, still have a lot of items on my list to get for the year.
  8. Ahh, poor bag! That reminds me of the lil bee in the "bee movie". The one who tests that device to keep tham alive, LOL!

    Sorry for the reference I am a mother of 2 children under the age of 6 and it is their fav movie!
  9. Wow, that is interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Thanks for the info! Why don't they also test zipper peeling/tarnishing? They should fix that...
  11. Awww poor little bags :crybaby:
  12. I'm glad they test the bags like that, we do buy quality bags!
  13. I agree. I'm glad they test the bags too.

    My brother use to work for motorola and he saw them dropping phones at speeds to test the sturdiness.
  14. I'm glad they do product testing!!! Very interesting...thanks for sharing!
  15. so they beat the sh** out of their bags, and yet we hear about a woman with a screw that fell out of hers, another who got a bag smelling like a cow because it wasnt even treated, and people who have the monograms completely not lining up. maybe they shouldnt beat the sh** out of one bag and pay attention to the rest.