Well I was just really bad...

  1. I just got off the phone with coach customer service and I ordered the following items..

    Large Carly Signature Khaki/Chocolate


    Pink Pony tail scarf to tie on my new bag

    and last but not least the new Signature stripe tote in khaki/pink

    I will plan returning my medium heritage bag if I like this one better I HOPE I dont like both of them lol..... I will be getting my order on this Saturday so I will post pics asap..
    and ohh yaa I forgot to tell you I also got 25% my whole order because of one of my orders they messed up in past and they noted my account. so for the 4 items I didnt do so bad.... I can't wait to see my new goodies!!! :heart::heart::heart::drool:
  2. [​IMG]


  3. Oooh i cant wait to see pics!!!!! :drool:
  4. Wow very nice things! What did they do to mess up your order so badly that they gave you 25% off? Just curious as they messed up my two past orders and I got nada for my trouble!
  5. How wonderful! They are beautiful!
  6. Can't wait to see pics of the new Signature stripe tote!
  7. Wow!!! I can't wait to see IRL pictures of your goodies! CONGRATS!
  8. WOW... makes me think I should have complained more in the past when they KEEP screwing up my phone orders!

    Nice haul :smile:

  9. I ordered my items overnight and they processed it as normal shipping then still charged me for over night.. and I wanted to get the items asap so I could go to my local coach store and get the preferred customer discount and by the time I would get my order the event would be over. So they really messed me up so I guess In the long run it worked out better.. I have no idea what to expect on that new signature stripe purse ehh I hope its cute in person lol

  10. so yeah I guess I am the ginnie pig on the new item that was from singapore lol Signature stripe tote
  11. I think you made out best for that error!! I'm interested to see the new sig stripe too. I really like the one I have from last year, so it'll be great to see the 2008 version.
  12. awesome! you picked lovely items!! can't wait for the pics!
  13. I only ordered the other purse because I was getting 25% off so might as well see if I like it lol
  14. Thanks all for your comments I am so excited!!!
  15. I can't wait to see them!!