Well, I was going to be good but....

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  1. I've just ordered a Lipstick Mitzy Hobo in Ostrich...
    Not sure whether it will be love but I just love the Mitzys and always seem to go for brighter colour bags.
  2. ^ omg!!!!!!!!!
  3. So excited! Is this a purchase you have been planning on for a while :biggrin:, its the most amazing bag.
  4. :faint:

    Wow, looking forward to seeing it, bet it's gorgeous!
  5. ^ me too

  6. Wow, looking forward to seeing this new purchase!
  7. No, have never seen one!
    I wanted to go for something in Blueberry!
    I rang the Outlets and she announced that they had this in stock at 70% off...
    I really love the slouchiness of my Mitzy (which I am using as a staple for my winter wardrobe), so I'm hoping that this will be a lovely summer bag for me.
    Most my bags are quite bright and I really miss my Magenta Hanover.
  8. ^ Rachie, thats an amazing deal - oooh Im so excited for you - ostritch is my dream bag, and in that colour too! its going to be INCREDIBLE!!! :biggrin:
  9. Can't wait to see it, sounds gorgeous!
  10. Wow Rachie, cannot wait to see that!
  11. Wow - that's an amazing price! I love ostrich, but it's a little out of my range - that's bringing it dangerously close tho and I think the world has now discovered my weakness for all things Mitzy.
    Well done!
  12. oh WOW!! Ostrich is tdf imo! and 70% off - that's nice:smile: I bet it's lovely, and will be a fab summer bag. Haven't seen it irl - can't wait to see your pics!!!
  13. Amazing! It sounds gorgeous. Can't wait for the reveal :biggrin: Always get itchy fingers to ring the outlets when I hear of these fab finds, lol.
  14. oh my god did u win the lotto ?
  15. No, I thought it was a good buy at £598? plus I have £200 in vouchers still.
    Am keeping an open mind as although it's a good buy it's still a fair amount of money.