Well I thought this would be an easy solution....


Nov 29, 2007
I had posted a couple weeks back about an RM that was not as described. The seller agreed to a return. I knew she was out of town but told me to go ahead and send it as her husband would be home. Of course I sent it signature required. A delivery attempt was made 7/15. It is now 7/21 and it is still sitting at the post office (per their online tracking).

I emailed her Monday and was told I should ask first before I send something signature required. I kindly told her since I was returning a bag w/out a refund first I needed some reassurance that she actually received the bag. She said her post office was not close to where she works and would 'try' to pick it up yesterday or today.

So anyway should I go ahead and file a claim w/ paypal? As of right this moment I am out the bag and the $$. Sigh.


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Jun 18, 2008
you should have made a claim when you saw that the bag wasn't as described.
you sent it back over a week ago and just now wondering about a claim?
you need to be a bit more proactive. you should have filed the claim before mailing bag back.


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Mar 28, 2006
Definitely file that claim!

As far as her smartass message about asking permission to send something with signature required, I get the feeling she was hoping you would just send it regular mail so she could keep the money and the package!