Well, I thought I was content...Quick Poll!


Aube or Grenat?

  1. Aube

  2. Grenat

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  1. In the lovely Empreinte Speedy 25, Aube or Grenat?

    Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.33.14 PM.jpg

    Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.29.52 PM.jpg
  2. Aube. Love the color
  3. It was my first love in the Emp Speedy, so pretty. Thank you! :smile:
  4. Grenat..... LOVE this color! It really takes on different hues depending upon lighting, what you are wearing, etc.
  5. It looks so pretty in pictures. Only problem is, my store has never received this bag so I haven't seen it in person. I guess I could've had them get one but I really didn't think I'd be buying another Speedy...until now. I just feel like the colors that are leaving are my very favorites so I want to add one of these for a pop of color. Thanks!
  6. I actually have both colors! They are pretty similiar in color so I don't think you could go wrong with either color...if I had to pick, I would pick aube...
  7. Grenat! The metallic sheen gives it interest IMO.
  8. Really?! Would you pretty please take a picture of them together when you get a moment? I'd REALLY appreciate it. I have loved the Aube for a long time, it's the perfect shade of purple. But this Grenat with the neutral metallic goodness is reeling me in too. Unfortunately, I can't have both so I have to make a decision.
  9. It really does and I love that it's metallic without being too in your face. It's a really gorgeous color. Thank you!
  10. Sure! I can take some pics tomorrow...putting them side by side the grenat is a deeper purple with the sheen and the aube is more of a true purple...I voted for the aube since I am not sure that I love the sheen on the grenat but it is a really pretty color....I'm hoping there are no problems with the metallic on the bag, so far I have not read of any issues...
  11. My vote is for Aube. The color is vibrant, and a great pop of color. Good luck deciding :smile:
  12. Aube - love it!
  13. Aube!
  14. Aube!!
  15. Aube!