Well I never, "alcantara" linings...

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  1. You know, I always thought the "alcantara" linings of the MC line, were suede. It wasn't till I was just looking on the LV UK website (having a peek at the Rift, actually) when I noticed it stated "microfibre lining" rather than the usual "alcantara" lining.

    Having done a quick google, it appears that "alcantara" is in fact, "faux suede".

    I'm quite ticked off about this, as I remember having a discussion with several SA's in regard to alcantara, when the MC first came out, and they were adamant, alcantara was real suede.

    Anyone else realise it was faux?


  2. No, I didn't. Thanks for the input. I guess they just wanted to call "faux" a fancy name.
  3. Lol, just another way for them to cut costs. I guess that's why they're cheaper than bottega ..
  4. Oh.. I've always known it was synthetic suede ? Ever since the first monogrammed bags (recital, croissant) came out with the alcantra lining.. I believe that was around the same time as the introduction of the multicolore.
  5. I posted that information in another thread when someone said theirs was dirty and couldn't clean it. The good part about alcantra linings is that it can be cleaned!
  6. it doesn't bother me any that it's faux. It's still soft and that's all that counts :heart:
  7. I wouldn't have thought twice about it, but those b's made such a big deal about it being suede in the shop, I'm just way more ticked off at being told a load of rubbish, than it being faux!...

    Sorry, I did search re the cleaning, couldn't find anything. Any clue's on the post (or the cleaning?) :0)


  8. It doesn't bother me that it's faux. The real thing would have been ruined faster, IMO.
  9. It doesn't bother me either. It's soft, cleanable, and real suede would actually make the bag heavier.
  10. That would irk me, too!
  11. I stated in another thread that I'm falling out of love with LV lately .... here's another disappointing finding ... bye, bye LV ....
  12. It's much easier to clean and it's not a cheap microfibre. Actually it's quite expensive. A lot of couches are made of this and they are in the same range as real leather couches and not many people I guess would buy a suede couch because it's almost impossible to live on and not getting it dirty.
  13. Hmmm my SA just told me last week that it was ultrasuede, used b/c it's easily cleanable (word?)
  14. Yes it's always been a man made material. I swear half the time the SA's are totally full of poop. 95% of the time I know more then they do. It really gets irritating when you have an important question and they don't have a clue.
    As far as the alcantara it's really easy to clean with a little woolite so I really like it. V
  15. I didn't know that it's synthetic material, and i would have gone on thinking it was some kind of fancy suede. Thanks .=)