Well, I might have to walk around naked this fall...

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  1. So I just started my fall shopping and spent all my money on handbags...
    I got the grenat purse(did someone just return theirs to NM at short Hills Mall? I was there yesterday and they didn't have the grenat purse, but they just called me and now they have it. I bought it but haven't seen it yet--bought by phone and picking up Mon-- so I wondered if it was a return or they just got it in)
    also preorderd a delicious vintage ligne tote in burgandy (see Chanel thread for pic of my grey one if interested--they are beautiful). I guess I am having a bordeaux moment.
    Lastly, I purchased a LV speedy 30-- you always need a classic.
    I have the distinct feeling that I am not done yet.......
    So now you may see me wandering the streets with gorgeous bags but nothing else....;)
  2. Clothes are overrated anyway. The purse is a necessity! :lol:
  3. Soooo agree!! I love my bags because they always fit!! And now you talked me into the twiggy so I don't think I'm done yet!!
  4. YES!!!!!! It was me, I just returned it this morning!!!!!!!!!
  5. I always say accessories are it - great bags and shoes and you can wear jeans and a plain white tee and look fab.
  6. I'd forgive a naked lady if she had a nice purse...otherwise I'd tell her to drop dead.

    GO YOU! :wlae:
  7. lol, i think that should win as the funniest thread title ever!!! :roflmfao:
  8. Don't worry hon... we'll all be so fixated by your beautiful B-bag that we won't even notice that you're naked. :graucho: :roflmfao:
  9. honestly, from the look of things on this forum, i think all of us PFer's will be walking around naked this fall :yahoo:
  10. Guess we won't be needing those pf charms that are being talked about:lol:
  11. :roflmfao:

    better to be naked with a nice bag than clothed with a crappy one, i always say!
  12. Thanks all for your support...I will be the naked girl at Short Hills Mall, still looking for bags! Hopefully you will not be there on one of the days that i am carrying the very small first:wtf: .The new definition of "the bag lady".
  13. :roflmfao:
    You are one funny girl, ashleyby!!!
  14. ladies, i must agree with you... handbags is the NEW shoes...
    now i don't want to splurge lots of money on designer clothing (which is much more expensive than handbags considering the material) or designer shoes (which i ended up stepping with my feet) and go to bags which i carry in my hands or in some case shoulder, proudly :P
  15. I agree, a good bag can make any outfit look great. I am student and I don't have a car so I walk a lot and have to take the bus to school, so I can't get dressed up, but I think a great bag can instantly add style. I wore my b-bag this morning to Starbucks with sweats and a hoodie and I still got compliments on it! ;)