Well, I just saw something interesting at Sam's Club

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  1. Hey, fellow Tanoites! I tried to do a search about this product, but I couldn't find anything, so maybe some wonderful person here might be able to shed some light on this subject for me! I was at Sam's Club yesterday. Lo and behold in the jewelry section they had some purses that looked exactly like Tano Bags with the crunch leather. I had to do a double take because these bags in all their colorful glory looked exactly like the French Nanny that I was sporting yesterday. So, I asked the sales person behind the counter if I could look at one of the bags, and she brought out this red crunch leather bag that had red and black striped fabric lining and inside it had a walled to match! There were several others in blue, green and gold and orange, and they were by a company called Tasche. I checked out a blue bag and the striped lining also matched the color of the blue leather. I can honestly say that they were very well made, actually. The retail tag on the bag was $115, but they were selling them for $69!

    I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this brand, and I posted on the Handbags & Purses Sub Forum but there wasn't any interest there yet.

    I am faithful to Tano, and I wouldn't purchase one, but I was just curious, as I am sure any of you might be if you had seen what I had seen.

  2. That's very interesting!!!!!!!!!! Time for some research!
  3. Funny you should post this because you're the 3rd person now to tell me they saw "Tano"-esque type bags at Sam's Club! I know the ones you saw had a different tag in them but the other two people that mentioned it to me said they saw actual "Tano" stitched on the inside. I haven't actually seen these in person, just heard a rumor that made me kind of sad:crybaby:
  4. ^^OH dear....we need a spy with a camera!
  5. Yes someone please investigate! I am no longer a Sam's Club member because I would go in to buy a large package of toilet paper and detergent and come out with two buggies full of stuff!
  6. We totally need a spy!:ninja:
    It can't be me because we don't have Sam's Club in my town, otherwise I'd be all over it. I recall that I was once doing a handbag search on amazon.com (this was sometime last spring) and a few Tano-esque bags were popping up and they might have been this brand-I think the price was about $120 or so. I just checked and nothing comes up on amazon and the only "Tasche" I can find on the net is:

    Obviously, this isn't what Compass saw.
    I'm glad to hear that the bags she did see saw were of good quality.

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  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. Well, the next time I go, I'll covertly snap a picture or two. They were very very much Tano-esque, except on my French Nanny, I have two studs running up the straps and these bags and three studs. Oh, and you know how the leather pieces of the bag are divided in four on each side...well this bag and a different cut-out pattern, but I can't remember how it went....like there was a long horizontal piece running over the very top of the bag. They were not Tano, though.....they had their own leather patch sewn on the inside with their name. My own French Nanny was very put out and her nose was out of joint for the rest of the day.
  9. Hmm.. very interesting!

  10. It would be impossible for any leather tano bag to retail for $69. The wholesale price of Tano bags is way more than that! I dont think the people that told you they saw "Tano" stitched inside the bags were telling the truth. But we definitely need a spy. (Any volunteers???)

    I suppose you could email Tano directly and ask if they sell to sams club, but honestly, I wouldn't believe that for a moment. They've turned down bloomies, lord and taylor, dillards and even nordstrom's.

    They wont even sell closeouts to TJ maxx- they sell them at their warehouse sale instead.

    They are very careful about their distribution.
  11. Hey, TE! Thanks for your input! First of all, the lining is of a totally different kind of material, and it has a pattern....stripes that match the color of the bag. The whole concept is French Nanny for sure, because I was wearing mine that day and did a comparison. But the leather was identical on the straps and the body of the bag. And not only was it $69 buckaroos, it had a wallet inside to match the leather of the bag. Of course, I consoled my French Nanny and told her that I would always be true to her. I don't think there is any laws against taking pictures inside Sam's Club, so maybe when I go back there in the next few weeks, I'll take a few. I only visit Sam's about once every three weeks because you know how it goes, you have to buy boatloads of the items that you want......
  12. ^^^Well, at the time I was told about the "Sam's Club Tano Sighting" I was immediately like "pfffft yeah right she just doesn't know a Tano when she sees it" (just a liiitle high and mighty:P) but then when I saw Compass posted about it I began to wonder hmmm....if a fellow Tano tpf'er saw it too....

    BUT, seem as though this other mystery bag has a name that starts with a "T" there's no telling if my people (one being my sister a.k.a. very casual Tano lover) were just being overly dramatic and told me they saw Tano at Sam's because they knows it my favorite handbag brand. Grrr:confused1: I agree with TE and definitely don't think these are legitimate bags but it does kind of make me wanna get a membership to go see these bad boys in person!!
  13. This is exactly the same reason I don't have a membership anymore either!:P
  14. Hmmmmm that is interesting... can't wait to see what the results of the spy trip are!
  15. Well I'm nowhere near a Sam's...so I can't spy.