Well, I just called the LV store to ask about replacements

  1. Some of you know that I'm considering getting my still-new Saleya MM handles replaced with the new, longer ones. My one option was to give the bag to my mom, but she said she is getting the PM and wouldn't use the MM except for maybe as a travel bag.

    So, I called my LV store today just to inquire about how long it would take and how much it would cost and the lady (really nice, btw) who answered the phone said that generally repairs take 6-10 weeks and handles typically cost about $100 each to replace.

    BUT...then she said that she wasn't aware of any changes to the MM so she asked who had told me about them and I told her 866-VUITTON. So, she went to ask her product specialist. She then told me that the specialist confirmed that there were no changes being made to the MM and they would still be made with the same-length handles and she apologized and said that the person at 866-VUITTON must have been confused! :confused1: And then she said that if there hadn't been any changes made to the MM, then they couldn't replace the handles with longer ones because they won't change specifications from the original.

    So then I told her that a "friend" (of course I didn't mention that it was an online friend on TPF!) of mine had gone into a store in Texas and actually tried one on and it in fact had the longer handles! So then, she said that if there had in fact been any changes to the new shipments, then there would be a new UPC number for the bags and she wouldn't have that since they weren't in her store.

    So, I called 866-VUITTON just now to ask about the new handles again and to maybe get the new UPC number and well, the rep didn't know anything about the new handles as well. She said that she would "investigate" it for me.

    I just don't get why LV wouldn't make this info known to all of their employees??? Maybe they didn't want them to tell customers? Or maybe they think that no one will notice (obviously, most people at LV haven't noticed!) so they can sell through all the original ones?
  2. Sounds like the 866 and the SA's aren't really informed that well by LV. I don't think its their faults someone in the top should make it a thing that this info gets to their employees. Because we all end up getting mad at SA's when they aren't even in the know.
  3. Agh, she just doesn't what she talking about...how surprising....sorry, it's just annoying.
  4. hmmm....bummer.... too bad it's over the 14 day exchange period... now you'll have to wait 1/2 year to get the handles done.....:push:
  5. Well, I know for sure that (back in December when I got the bag and was torn between the MM or GM only because of the handle length) if the SA had known/told me that they were coming out with longer handles in a few weeks, I definitely would have waited. LV would have lost out on $1K for December 2006 which doesn't seem like a big deal, but if I feel this way, maybe others would too and $1K multiplied by alot of Saleya owners equals a lot of $$$!!!
  6. :s how annoying
  7. It's amazing how they never share information....
  8. All the contradictory info!
  9. lvmhgirl: Feel free to call my store at Dallas Galleria. They have the saleya mm with the longer handles and I am the one who tried it on. I promise you it is there. What is goin on at lv that these employees are not informed? It's so frustrating!!!

  10. Hi Texas Girl!!

    Yup, you're the friend from Texas I was talking about!!! :yes: Thanks for the info! Your FYI post is actually what made me decide to look into replacing the handles since I figured since they were in stores it would be general knowledge among LV employees and it would be easy to request it.

    I went to another LV today (not where I got my bag) to check out their Saleyas and theirs are still the original ones. And no one in the store knew anything about new handles either! I guess California is just getting their shipments later than everyone else!

    It's really no biggie (I just wanted to check out my options) because I still LOVE LOVE LOVE my Saleya but I would just love it [<--this-->] much more with longer handles!

    The whole misinformation debacle at LV is just really annoying, isn't it? :confused1:
    Thank goodness we have TPF!!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks for your advice, everyone! :tender:
  11. I hope everything works out for you! Sometimes the staff at Louis Vuitton don't know about changes because e-mails to them can run late.
  12. Wow, customer service is amazing (smirk) lucky thing we buy for the bags and not the pleasure of shopping in a high end personable company!
  13. Well, just to be sure I wasn't seeing things, I called my husband who is out of town on business and asked him if he remembered me trying on the new saleya mm with the longer handles. He said he remembered it because it slipped right on my shoulder over the big sweater I was wearing. The shorter handled version would barely fit over my bare arm. He said he remembered my SA saying lv must have heard my complaint about the handles and changed them. So, I just wanted to double check myself and be absolutely sure I wasn't just imagining things. My husband is vouching for me that the bag really was in the store on Saturday. I know none of you guys were questioning me, I was questioning myself. I feel better knowing I didn't get mixed up and that bag really does exist. Now I wish I would have bought it instead of my bh so I could take pics for yall. Ok, now I feel better.
  14. not surprising, :rolleyes: infinitely frustrating,:hysteric: i feel for you...:flowers:
  15. i was told by a sa at bloomies that they were coming out with longer handles too