Well I have decided to return my Damier Zippy Organizer...

  1. As much as I love it, it is just not practical for me to use. I like the idea of how it holds so much and how organized it is but to carry it all the time is a hassle I think. I called my SA and we are going to exchange after the new year. I feel bad returning it but I can't let $645.00 go to waste like that.

    I have a few ideas in mine, one is a wallet but the other is going to be a surprise, nothing HUGE but you shall see!

    In the end, I recommend the wallet as long as you can put it some where like your bag
  2. Lol you return everything :lol:
    But good luck with your "surprise" :graucho:
  3. good to know! thanks matt! I think I'm gonna cross that one off my wallet list.
  4. Can't wait for the surprise..:graucho:
  5. Why would a guy buy a zippy organizer in the frst place :confused1: ?

  6. cuz you can use it as a passport holder/ticket holder/checkbook holder...lots of stuff!
  7. Rebecca! I dont return everything!! :sad:

    first off all the piece is unisex so that is why...

    its going back simply because I am lazy and dont want to carry it!! lol

    I will post a new topic with me new things!
  8. Sorry it didn't work for you. Let us know what you get.
  9. Sorry it didnt work out for you...but b/c of you...Its on my next to get list for sure...b/f you posted pics...I didnt know that one existed....

    Cant wait to see what you will get!!!! Post pics ASAP!!!!:yes:
  10. Well I still recommend this, its just I want to be hands free most of the time and carrying this in my hands will bother me and it wont fit/look right in my back pocket... but its still something to have if u can put it in a bag....
  11. Haha. Kidding :roflmfao:
  12. Matt.....are u getting the bracelet??

    oops did i just ruin ur surprise??? haha :smile: