Well, I had to return my bag (long, sorry!)

  1. So I'm all excited to take a "spin" with my new book tote (with the mini-skinny safely clipped inside - thank you ladies for the advice) and I go out with it yesterday seemingly without incident. I get in my car to go home and see this dark spot on the back of the purse on the top of one of the embossed "Cs". It looked like a spot of (maybe) dye that had been overdone. And it's teeny, but the spot around it looked a little darker too. And I'm anal about dirt/spots on my bags and this is brand new! What's weird is that you couldn't see it too much indoors, so maybe that's how I missed it before I took the tags off of it. Anyway, I brought it to the Coach store, hoping to be able to use some of the moisturizer on it, thinking that might help but the SA said I couldn't use it on this bag (even though I re-read the care cards and it said you could, just not the cleaner :shrugs: ). I showed her the issue but I truly wasn't expecting them to do anything about it - the bag, although new, was being worn (granted for a day), and I was pretty sure I'd be given a statement along the lines of the variations in the grain (although this definitely wasn't that) and how this wouldn't be something covered by their repair policy. However, the SA said that she would send it in (she said it almost looked like pen, but you could see that it was in the leather, not on it) and if they can't fix it, they'll give me a new one - she checked the "confirm store's assessment that item is non-repairable" box on the return form. She also said that the spot would have bothered her too, which was nice - I felt like I wasn't being ridiculous (I'm anal, but I do feel like when you pay that much for something, shouldn't it be perfect?). So she's expressing it tomorrow and didn't even charge me the $20 fee! Unfortunately, it will take about a month to get it, but I thought it was great that the SAs handled the situation so well. I'll keep you updated, but I wanted you guys to hear about the positive SA experience since I know customer service is a big deal with Coach and occasionally, we read about some "slips" in service.

    I'll keep you posted. Hey, do you think this gives me a way to justify a new bag next month for our anniversary to my husband(cough*legacyshouldertote*cough) :graucho: ?
  2. i'm surprised they didn't go ahead and give you a new one...weird. when i took my bag back, i eventually got a refund (though they offered to get me another bag from the back). and all it was with that bag was (to me) cosmetic problems, you know?
    but i totally understand how anal you are about new bags- i'm the same way!
  3. Actually I was thinking the same thing as kallison...unless they didn't have one in the store to give you...but even then...they could have just done a return on it and shipped you a new one...thats what they did for my mom when her new bag showed signs of tearing on the fabric after only 2 weeks.
  4. aren't there a few coach sa's on here? maybe they have insight as to why they shipped her bag off?
  5. I agree that it is strange that they didn't just give you a new one. Maybe the SA was new and was trying to follow all the rules? Regardless, I'm sorry this happened to you but I am glad that you had a positive experience (so far) getting everything taken care of!

    I definitely think this justifies a new bag!:yes:
  6. Yeah that is odd... LOL go for it! The legacy is TDF!
  7. I am anal like that too, LOL! I hope you get a new, perfect bag. :smile:

    So sorry you have to wait, that is crummy.
  8. I think you got a good SA. Others have not had a nice experience as yours. I hope my experience will be just as nice as yours in the future.
  9. I hope Coach is able to repair your bag. It would have probably bothered me too. Good Luck.;)
  10. The reason they didn't give me a new bag is b/c that store doesn't carry that bag (but I had ordered it from that store which is why I took it back there rather than drive out the the nearest flagship store). Maybe that's why they didn't do what a couple people suggested - doing a refund and ordering me a new one. Also, I assumed they sent it off to see if that spot could be taken out by buffing or something before making the ultimate decision to give me a new bag. Oh well, I'll let you know what happens!

    Kathyrose - I'm hoping you have a good SA experience too!