Well, I had made peace

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  1. I had just made peace with the fact I wasn't getting a 30% off and the FB
    thing maybe wasn't what my store manager thought it was going to be, and I decided I didn't need anything.

    Today I got the 30% off. LOL! Mine starts the 13th-18th, is that the end date of everyone else's? I think others have already shopped so I know that some have already started.
  2. Yes that's the same end date. Mine started on the 7th.

    Congratulations! Now you'll have to buy something.
  3. That's always the way! I didn't get one...but ordered some goodies at FOS today! One bag should go back! Now I'm afraid to check my email! Almost don't want a 30% to be there! Lol
  4. OMG! Guess what showed up in my Gmail? Now I really don't know what to do! lol
  5. How can you get it?
    Thanks in advance
  6. Not sure...just showed up in my email today! I do usually get the 25% off though
  7. Awesome! Can't wait to see your reveal

  8. ROFL! I love your confidence in my strength to stay strong and not buy anything! We all know how that goes! HAHAHAHA!!!
  9. Hmmm.... The last several PCEs I haven't gotten an email, but got a card instead. Maybe there's one waiting for me at home.


  10. Do you mean a coupon? You have to sign up on Coach's website to receive special news, emails, etc. And if you shop in Coach stores or have one near you, you can go in the store and ask to be put on the mailing list to receive invitations to customer events. :smile: You might do both and that way you have a greater chance of something happening. I know DH has an account as well but not through the stores, I'm not sure if he has ever received coupons. He must have because he used one to buy the things he bought for me for Christmas.
  11. I got mine today too after thinking I wouldn't
  12. That's great you got the discount !:smile:
    I used my card code right away too. No will power for bags here. LOL
    ( But $100 off $300 is too good not to use) Don't know if I will use the 25% also... Yeah I will, LOL !
  13. That's funny, I'm in the same boat. This must be why DH says I would buy a 747 if it was on sale.

  14. LOL indeed :smile:
  15. Wooohooo. You, of course, can't NOT use it. LOL.