Well, I got the ok to get my present early!

  1. So I'm missing my new tote that I had to send in, and the bag I want has just been teasing me . . . so I spoke to my husband and asked him if he'd mind if I got my anniversary present early (10/19 is the actual date) and got the go ahead! :wlae:

    I'm so bad - he's going to a concert tonight so I'm thinking of killing the time by driving out to the mall after work (hmmm - I think the night class I teach will be getting out a bit early! LOL!). The bad part is, I'm actually going to be near that mall tomorrow, but I really want to go tonight!
  2. lol, i would just go. I would be way to excited and anxious today/tomorrow if i waited.
  3. I think you should go tonight! Yup, that class you teach must get out early!
  4. Go tonight!!!! Then you'll have all night to admire your new bag!
  5. tonight, tonight, tonight!!!! :yahoo:
  6. Its now or never!
  7. I agree! Go tonight! What bag is it that you want? Make sure it's an expensive one for your anniversary! Congrats!
  8. Ok, I went - I was way too excited to wait!!!! kiss-this - oh, believe me, I made sure!

    I wound up ordering the suede Legacy shoulder tote in plum (that color was only in a few stores), but I also got the Legacy stripe wristlet to match! They are even over-nighting it to me for no charge - unfortunately, my husband's uncle died last night so we are "on call" to travel to MA to be with his family sometime early next week for the funueral and I was afraid that with regular shipping, it would come when we were away and I didn't want an expensive package just sitting out in front of my house indefinitely! Since it was late when I ordered it, it probably won't come until Saturday, but I'm psyched (and we're at a wedding most of the day so the person watching our daughter will have to admire my bag for me)!

    After this, I am banning myself from purchases for a while - I've bought waaay too much Coach over the past few months!

    However, I will post pics when I get the bag!! Thanks for all the nice comments (and it's nice to know I'm not alone in my impatience!).
  9. Congrats on the new bag, I don't think Fed-Ex works on Saturday even if it is overnighted so it will probably be there if not today, Monday...I'm not 100% sure though. Sorry to hear about your husbands' uncle.
  10. pursefanatic - thanks for the condolances. And you're right, Fedex doesn't deliver on Sat. and unfortunately, we will be out of town Mon., so I'll miss the delivery. Hopefully, they'll catch my brother while he's at our house watching our dog on Monday! Otherwise, I'll probably have to pick it up from them when we get back. Oh well!
  11. Sorry about your husbands uncle...but you may be in luck with your bag...UPS doesn't deliver on Sat..but I've gotten several fed ex things on saturday. What does your tracking info say?
  12. Congrats on your new bag!!!
  13. Thanks again everyone for the nice comments/condolance (I love this board-everyone is so friendly and helpful). Shellbell - the tracking info does say delivery on Mon., so it looks like there's no way it's coming today, but my brother may not be working that day (Yom Kippur), so hopefully, he'll be here when they do deliver it (and I am truly terrible - I'm trying to convince him to definitely not work and hang here!!!). At least it will be something nice to come home to!