Well I got my wallet earlier than I expected, but...

  1. I went to the Coach store and ordered the Hamptons red wallet to go w/the carryall I'll be getting for Christmas. They allowed me to use the 25% discount so I was happy but she told me it probably wouldnt be here until after Christmas. Ok fine - no big deal. Well it came Fed Ex today and I was very surprised. The box was labeled shipped from Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY. I opened it up and there thrown in the brown box was the wallet - no Coach box, not even wrapped in tissue paper, just thrown in the box!!! What if this was a gift - jeez!. The receipt packet thing is even bent and folded down sideways in the box. Well I'm lucky the wallet is in perfect condition but no thanks to the Coach store in Roosevelt Field Mall!
  2. I'd call and let someone know. That's stinky!
  3. I believe you have to specifically request a gift box, so I'm not surprised you didn't get one, but it should have at least been wrapped carefully in tissue paper.
  4. I'd call. I had trouble like that once they took VERY good care of me on my next purchase!! ;)
  5. I have shopped at Roosevelt Field and that Coach boutique is lovely and the staff is very professional. I am really shocked that they shipped your wallet out in such a shoddy manner. Please call them and let them know what is going on. YOU deserve far better service and they need to kick an employee in the butt!!
  6. I know I should call, but I hate to complain. I'm not looking to get anyone in trouble - I'm sure they're just swamped right now. And w/getting the 25% discount I guess I feel I should just be happy it came so early! Just wanted to vent to you guys who understand the whole "opening of the Coach bow and box" ritual!
  7. Well, when I ordered my pink scarf tote a few summers ago I found the box in the bushes by my house with a crack i the tape and the purse was thrown in the box.

    I tell you, I cussed FedEx and Coach out twice each for that. It was summer, all kinds of bugs could have fallen. The purse wasn't even in its dustbag (that I recall). I had requested a gift box and they didn't send one. I called back and asked them to send me one and they refused. They said I could pick one up at a boutique but I said I like an hour away from the closest one and I had already driven to order the purse. It was also the last one so I couldn't have them send me another one.

    The next day I had a gift box and FedEx MADE me sign, for the EMPTY box but they had left my $400 sitting in the bushes.

    Everytime I think about that I feel steam come out of my ears.

    DOnna- aren't you going to take it back for a brown one anyway?
  8. I only shop the outlets and I went in the day after Thanksgiving. My outlet is never all that busy and when I purchased my items I did not recieve the regular customer service I am used to. They did not wrap anything. I was surprised because they had the time to wrap and present everything as nicely as they usually do. There was nobody in line behind me. I guess with the holidays and the general feeling (and reality in most places) of stress can cause customer service to decline a bit....now add seasonal employees to that mix and it becomes more understandable. I hope everything returns to normal after the new year.

    I am glad your wallet was in perfect condition, but it really is a bummer when the level of customer service you are used seems to drop off.
  9. I wonder if a seasonal SA took care of your order? With the holidays here and it so busy maybe someone that wasn't as familier with how things are done boxed it. It should have at the very least had tissue around it to protect it. I'm glad it was perfect regardless. I know it's hard to complain but you did pay a lot for the wallet, even at 25% off. It's part of the Coach experience IMHO. At least for me, that's what I pay the extra for. Otherwise, I'll just buy off of eBay! LOL!
  10. In my post above I meant RED wallet
  11. This is the umpteenth time I've heard a story like this, and it is absolutely wrong. Coach really needs to change their way of doing things with shipped packages- I notice in the store they always wrap my stuff (whether you are supposed to tell them to or not...no matter. I think that they should box it up nice all the time without exception) nicely, but I keep hearing that people that order things get them just thrown into a box.

    Things like this may be why people do start buying other brands like Hermes (or other luxury brands like Chanel) - they always package things nicely whether you are in the store or getting it shipped to you.
  12. Thanks everyone for sympathizing with me! Coachfreak yes I ordered the red wallet to match the bag in my avatar, that's the one I got. Its in perfect condition, so no harm done I guess!