Well I got my Purse but Seller scammed me!

  1. Well, thanks everyone for posting pics of your "purse". I finally got mine today. I was so excited I ripped open the box and what do I see? A big deep GASH on the back of the bag!:amazed: I was so upset. I wrote the seller and sent pics. She told me "well, it was a used bag, you should expect some wear and tear" BUT a RIP?? I was so upset. I then looked at pics she sent me and you could see the line where the gash is. I knew there was NO WAY she didnt know about the tear. I wrote her back and told her it was not acceptable and I could not live with the rip and she just threw her arms in the air and said it was not her bag, it was her friends and her friend had spent the money already. :blink: I couldnt believe it. I bought it through HER not through her friend. I knew I was being scammed already. Then I decided to call a high end leather tannery I know of in New York City. They said they could reinforce the tear for me for about $75. Normally I'd return the bag but frankly this seller scared me. I didnt trust her at all. The bag was used a big more than she stated and the tassels were splitting, etc. but the leather was from 05 and it was thicker and nicer than the new ones, so I figured I might as well try to save this bag. I knew I wasnt getting anywhere with her. STILL, she refused to refund me $75. She finally agreed to a measley $60 refund (for a RIP in the bag). I just didnt want to get scammed any more than I was. I know there was no "friend". There was never a mention of a "friend" and she always referred to it by "my bag". She claimed she only had it for a week now. She is an Ebay seller but she sold it to me off Ebay. Here are the pics. I am going to NYC to this leather tannery and getting it repaired though. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for letting me vent!

    This is the rip. Come on, how do you NOT see that??


    Its a cute bag other than the gash though...lucky I fell for the leather...

  2. Yikes! She had to have known about the rip. I hope the tannery can fix it for you. It's gorgeous from the front.
  3. Oh sorry to hear that. Hope you can get it fixed! Still is beautiful though!
  4. Yes, Im sure she knew. Thats what scared me. I knew I was being scammed. I noticed it RIGHT away. So I figured, why mail it back and get further scammed. She also overcharged me on shipping. She charged me almost $40 US and she paid $15 canadian!! WHen I mentioned that she said it was to cover her paypal fees. It was off ebay so she saved on Ebay fees. It took over a week to get to me because she mailed it cheaply. Ugh, it was just all bad. Her tone was not even the slightest bit sympathetic with me. That made it worse. She sold me the bag in "very good condition".
  5. This was one of her replies:

    Now that you have directed me to it in the pictures, I can kinda see what you mean....although to me, it looks tiny. Balenciaga's are meant to be distressed & well-loved....that is the whole point of the soft, squishy leather. You knew this bag was in used condition (although I didn't notice this flaw, so it can't be that big). This is a toughie! I don't know if my friend (whom it was sent from) is willing to do returns? Hmmm..
  6. Oh no! That's such a shame that such a gorgeous bag arrived damaged like that! It looks like it would have been a lovely bag.

    Do you mind telling us which ebay seller this is? I would just as soon avoid this sort of seller in the future! If it were me I would have been mortified and offered a full refund INCLUDING shipping both ways! :sad: I'm so sorry.
  7. I really don't get these people?! How can they sleep at night? It's a good thing you didn't send the bag back, as you said who knows what would have happened then!
    What's the seller's id?
  8. What a creep! I hope karma kicks her in the ass!!
  9. Yes, please let us know so we can avoid her. What kind of feedback did she have?
  10. i'm so sorry! the bag looks great on you but her behavior is terrible!
  11. Sorry about the tear but it looks amazing on you. Let us know what happens
  12. I also figured she'd just turn around resell this and scam someone else anyway. Im hoping I can save this pretty bag. Its a deep gash but this leather tanner in NYC is the best. Its high end. If anyone ever needs a tanner in NYC area, let me know and I'll give you their info.
  13. I notice that the poodle bag passed through her hands.
  14. DId you pay w/ Paypal?
    I'd get a refund from them since she's not willing to do it.