Well, I finally made (one) decision!

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  1. This summer I made 2 lucky outlet clearance finds and, even though I got these bags at bargain prices, I felt that I probably shouldn't keep both of them. I got an XL Mahagony Pleated Ergo 12236 for $108 (MSRP $448) and a Large Copper Zoe 12669 for $116 (MSRP $498).

    I don't have any other Ergo or Zoe bags and these are my only (non-vintage) brown bags but I have some other very nice (black) winter bags.

    I asked for advice from my fellow tpfers but I still couldn't decide so I put them both away for awhile to delay the decision. In September I used a "transitional bag" so that I could put off the decision a little longer.

    Tonight I took them both out again and I snipped the tags on one bag and filled it with my stuff! I still can't decide if I should keep or return the other one so I've packed it away for a little while longer.

    I'm a little surprised at the one that I've definitely decided to keep - it's the Zoe!

    I have some concerns about the Zoe. I am a bit worried that the metallic leather won't wear well and I am afraid that the bag will be too heavy, but it is just so distinctive and gorgeous that I had to keep it! :biggrin:

    Here are some stock pics of both of these beauties. Who am I kidding? I love them both and I probably won't be able to return the Ergo, either!

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  2. Keep em both!!! Keep em both!!!
    (especially for those prices)

    Haha, sorry but I'm SUCH an enabler. ;)
  3. at those prices, keep them both and ENJOY carrying them:cool:
  4. Zoe's are such versatile bags and generally lightweight. I definitely wouldn't return because you got great deal on it. The ergo is cute as well. Why not keep them both. Besides it's nice to rotate your bags and when you have plenty of choices it makes that easy to do.
  5. I know, I keep telling myself that I should be frugal and practical, but it doesn't seem to stick! :graucho:
  6. They are both great bags and you really bought them at a great price!
    I know I would keep them both! Keep them and enjoy them!
  7. The copper is perfect for this time of year, now that the leaves have begun to change colors.

    I suggest keeping the Ergo too :graucho:. Those were great prices for classic bags!
  8. ITA! They are GREAT bags and you got deals on them. Sorry if this is too much enabling, but you love Coach and these are beauties at a great price!
  9. I was at a large conference last week and I noticed lots of great bags being carried by the attendees (including a couple of vintage Coach bags that look excellent for business travel!)

    I saw many lovely bags but the one that really caught my eye was a large zoe just like mine, except it was black patent with silver hardware. It was so compelling that I immediately knew I would have to keep my zoe! I love this bag, I love the D-ring and the 2 large inside zip pockets and the 3 slip pockets and the slouch and all the hardware. It's just special and the Ergo is light-weight and classic and also special but in a different way. I don't need two brown winter bags but I probably will keep it also!
  10. Ooooh!!! What great finds!!! :yahoo:
    Congrats katev!! :yes:
  11. i like the zoe but personally wouldnt have it in metallic... love the ergo so simple. you got great deals so if you keep both enjoy them!!!
  12. Keep them both!! I think you would have been able to return the ergo already if you were really ready to let her go. It's very unlikely you will be able to get her again at that price if you have regrets and you know as soon as you return her someone else will snatch her up!!
  13. They're both beautiful, versatile bags. Keep them both!
  14. Keep! Keep!!! They are both great! And what amazing deals!
  15. Like others have said, you can't go wrong with either purse at those prices. Glad you decided to keep the Zoe, it's a really comfy bag.