Well, I finally caved and ordered the yellow/silver MAB from Jcmadison

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  1. I've been wanting this bag for forever and I finally had enough funds to make the purchase tonight. So glad it didn't sell out before I could get it because I couldn't find anywhere else that even had plans to get the larger size in.

    I can't wait - I'll post a review as soon as I get it!
  2. Woman, you must have more RM bags than I do! How many does that make now? 12?:yahoo:
  3. I counted that bag in the running total thread. However, 12 would be right if you count a MAM in night with the gold crackle bottom that I am on backorder for. I forgot to mention that one in the other thread.

    I don't think it would be possible to own more RM bags than you! You are the queen!

    Besides, after I get this bag, I will have all my RM lemmings satisfied for awhile (hopefully!).
  4. I can't wait to see pics of your updated collection once they all arrive!! :yahoo: congrats!!
  5. Uh uh, lady! I only have 11 RM bags! You are the RM queen with your 12 bags!

    BTW, I love your RM collection. Its bootiful!
  6. only?! :lol:
  7. congrats circoit! 12 now?! Don't forget the one's you've already sold!

    I can't wait to read your review!
  8. ok gung & circoit since you are both the reigning queens of RM can you please help this RM fan with her first purchase, Since you gals know best
  9. I can't wait to see pics, congrats!!!!
  10. :nuts: 12?!?! Oh my!! What a collection, cir! So this last purchase would make it a nice even round number, eh!
  11. Congrats! that color is gorgeous
  12. Really, Gung? 11? But once you decide which Nikki you want, it will be a tie!

    Lets see - bags I've sold include a glazed almond matinee, berry matinee, espresso MAM, royal blue MAM. Bags I've returned are dusty/silver spot MAM, fuschia/gold bottom MAM, tangerine and night market totes, cream d-ring clutch (which I am kind of regretting), black getaway clutch.

    I swear life would be so much easier if I just had a retailer near me!
  13. 11 and 12?? Wow.... thats almost 1 a day for 2 weeks!!
    circoit... done for a while until the new bags come out right? ;)
  14. Lol! True. I am still looking for a MAB in the perfect brown, and possibly a navy - so this lull is probably only temporary.
  15. I love that yellow bag--you got the reg. size right? And ordered the black/gold crackle in mini? Can't wait to see pics. By the way, I got the night/gold crackle MAB and I love it--its stunning. You will have the most amazing collection ever!