well...i didnt make a sale but i may have turned someone on to tPF

  1. so you guys know ive been trying to sell my groom agenda....

    anyways the girl was really nice, a new ebayer and she was worried about being able to tell if something was authentic or not and she said a new one thats plain is like $200 so shes gonna buy one of those....the small ring agenda plain is $275. My groom is limited edition and sold out im pretty sure. anyways...i guess shes looking at the mini now or something, i told her that was a lot smaller but what ever floats your boat.

    I mentioned tPF and sent her the link and she said she might sign up! I gave her my user id and stuff. so hopefully we will have a new member...(and she'll later realize what a good deal that was lol) :tup:
  2. LOL. yeah there was a problem with my listing. but yeah the reserve on it was $250 and then i said okay okay i'll take $230 + shipping and she said no. the first time my reserve was $300
  3. wait till the holidays im sure you will sell it then
  4. lol. i hope so...if i dont sell it for $250 i might as well keep it i guess...cause to get a new one its like $375 these days lol.