Well, I didnt believe it, but my wallet DID come today!

  1. I ordered the patent teal legacy wallet at 11:00 a.m. yesterday and the CS rep said since it was before 1:00 I would receive it today plus free shipping. Well, its here!!! I'm so shocked!!! It is really exactly what I hoped it would be! The color is gorgeous, and its such a bright pop of color that I may never need to purchase another wallet again! I stopped at the store (again!) today for a cell lanyard for my daughter, and I also ordered this scarf in blue to use on my new choc leather Carly - since i have the wallet I'm going to do the blue/choc thing rather than the pink/choc combo!
    patent wallet 001.jpg patent wallet 002.jpg blue scarf.jpg
  2. Congrats, STUNNNING wallet, love the color! The scarves are CUTE!
  3. gorgeous! i love that wallet! TDF!! and those scarves... ugh... can't keep looking at all these pics... I NEED MORE COACH! LOL :true:
  4. So pretty!!!
  5. Thatacombo will be GORGEOUS!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics of your bag once it is all jazzed up. Congrats on the new goodies!
  6. I love it! :tup: Congrats, and you gotta' love free express shipping!!!! :yahoo:
  7. Simply Beautiful:yahoo::yahoo:Enjoy her, I love the idea of the turquoise/chocolate!
  8. love that! the blue/chocolate combo is HOT!
  9. ooooh, that color is so purdy!!:drool:
  10. very pretty, congrats.
  11. WOW your new wallet is stunning!!
  12. wow that's so pretty! i love that!! congrats :smile:
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. That is gorgeous - and perfect for spring! Congrats :tup:
  15. Nice wallet! I like the vibrant color!