Well, I did NOT miss FedEX! YAY

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  2. :yahoo::yahoo:show us what's inside! pretty pls:p
  3. :popcorn::popcorn::whistle:
  4. First of all, presents for DD!!!!

    YAY. DD turns 15 on Monday.
    Last week she went to H, and I asked our SA to keep an eye out to see if she sparkled at anything in particular...

    My SA did a great job, and put this cute bracelet Roulis with PH aside for her.

    It is reversable! In fact, it can be worn three ways!




    So pretty!!!
    bracelet white2.JPG bracelet black.JPG bracelet bw.JPG
  5. I LOVE that bracelet! What a great idea!
  6. wow! lucky dd to have a thoughtful mom:smile: great 15th bday present!
  7. wow that is sooo pretty
  8. Thank goodness for that!!! I love the bracelet!
  9. DD is saving for a watch, or a belt. So she may want to return the bracelet for credit. So, I got her something I know she will keep.

    Mini Ulyssee in orange!

    orange mini.JPG
  10. What a lucky young lady!
  11. Woah, I like H bracelets very much, with the reversibles they are actually quite value for money. This one is cool!

    Are they magnetic? I can't glimpse the catch.
  12. Is that in togo? What a vibrant colour! :tup:

    edit: I mean the Mini Ulyssee.
  13. Wow, those are incredible, your daughter is so lucky!
  14. the bracelet is HOT!!!
  15. No it is not magnetic.. I boxed it up so I cannot take another pic...:sad:

    but one side of the bracelet has a hinge, and the other is like this---one half of the closure has a notch that runs the length of it. And the other has a rounded end that slides into or out of that long notch....this is how it stays so flat.

    The hardware on this is totally beautiful. I did manage to wipr of the smudges when I put it away.....