Well, I did it...

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  1. I posted a thread a few days back asking how much you lovely ladies would pay for a gently used, but in awesome condition Leigh. I read all the posts, and understand the reasoning....

    BUT....I did it anyway. I paid too much for the Leigh. But honestly, I'm ok with it. It looks brand new, and it's the color I wanted, and Ive wanted this bag so long I can't remember straight!

    I know I paid too much. But one post fromt hat thread said something about not paying more than you would regret later. And that resonated with me. I think I would regret NOT paying this much for her since it is the best one Ive seen since my love affair began. Silliness, I know. But I hope to have a reveal next week!
  2. Yay!!!!!!!! Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics of your new baby :P
  3. Congrats on your purchase! Sometimes paying too much is worth it to get the bag you want. For what it's worth, I've paid FP for all my bags because I was afraid they'd get away from me. I live with fewer bags than most here, but the ones I have are perfection.
  4. If you love it, cost shouldn't be an issue!
  5. if its something you really wanted and you love it ... its worth it !! enjoy.
  6. This is what I do: figure out how much a bag is worth TO ME, how much I'd pay for it, then go from there.

    You wanted the Leigh, for awhile from what you've been saying, and you knew how much you'd be willing to pay. You got her, and you're happy! That's all that matters.

    Congrats and can't WAIT for the reveal!
  7. If you love it and can afford it, it's worth it to get the bag you really want ... congrats, and can't wait to see your reveal!
  8. i pay over price if its exactly what i love congrats on her they are so pretty
  9. You ladies are really sweet. Thank you for making me feel better! I paid $300, shipped. It's a beautiful bag, am I'm so excited. I don't have THAT many COACH bags, because I refuse to buy what I'm not absolutely in love with. I think I have 10, maybe, and all are Legacy with the exception of one. I simply have not found a bag since that line that I love as much!

    Thanks ladies!
  10. I totally think Leigh is worth it. It is a great bag and a collectors piece. I paid $300.00 for my whiskey one a few years ago and I love it so much! To me it was worth it for such a great bag! Also, some of those that sell on *bay are not in pristine condition. That really makes a difference for me as I do not like used bags unless they are like new.
  11. I agree with everyone else, Misty. If you love it, and feel the price was worth it to you, it's all good! Now, I know you don't want to give your reveal away, but can I convince you to tell us what color? I LOVE Leighs, and have to live vicariously through all you Leigh owners. LOL
  12. If I were you and have the money, I would have done it! So congrats for doing what you want and can.

  13. It's black hun. I know some of you may think it's boring, lol, but it's MY color. I am a single mom and go to school full time and work full time, so I need my bags to not have to be so pampered. Black is a little more forgiving. Plus I find that it goes with everything, and that is worth it to me! It's so pretty...I can hardly wait for it to get here...
  14. Girl, I feel you. Most of my bags are black. And, before I got into Coach, ALL of my bags were black, and I had over 40 of them, LOL. If you love it, it was worth it. I can't WAIT to see your reveal! :biggrin: :hugs:
  15. Congrats!!!
    Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get it no matter the price!!!! I have done that several times over!!! LOL
    Can't wait to see pics!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: