Well, I did it. Left a big fat hint for hubby...

  1. On the computer last night, I left up the coach website, on the medium Carly page, with the words "khaki/beet" highlighted...and mentioned to him that the coupon was downstairs on the counter...and that he could order it in the store if they didn't have it.

    can't hint any harder than that...right? hehehe

    I did this once before with a pair of Tiffany earrings (hell, the earrings were cheaper than this bag! LOL!) But he got me the earrings for our anniversary.

    So, if you don't have one of those super hubbies that pick out bags for you...how do YOU hint strongly? heheh
  2. Um...I just go buy it and tell him that I really love the gift he got for me for Christmas and wrap it for him and put it under the tree. Then I will act super surprised when I open it! :angel::roflmfao:
  3. ^^^ :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    DH pays attention when we talk about stuff and he can always get me something amazing. Sometimes he will just straight up take me to the store and let me buy something, too.
  4. hehehehe!
    I emailed my wishlist to my DH and told him my mom got a PCE card!;)
  5. I knew I liked your style!;)
  6. Well I sometimes let the coach catalog open where the bag I like would be highlighted on my DH's computer keyboard.. he never missed it :p
  7. You and I are twins! I do the exact same thing! This way, everyone's happy!
  8. Our family posts lists (Christmas and Birthday) of what we want and tape them to a cupboard. That way you know you will get something you want.

    Many years ago when I was single, I put something on hold at a store and then told my Mom which store it was on hold at.
  9. I e-mail my boyfriend my Coach wishlist from the website. I think that sends him a big hint haha. I think he would pick out something great even without the list though, I think he would have a good idea of what I like just from listening to me talk about Coach all the time haha.
  10. Lol! Exactly what I did last year, and then he still surpised me with a diamond necklace!!God I love that man!!
  11. I did that same thing this year! Let's hope he listened!! :p
  12. Haha! I love how subtle we all are! :smile:

    Sometimes men need to be told EXACTLY what to do! :smile:
  13. I keep a running folder under "Favorites" on the computer of gift ideas for me. It sounds demanding and unromantic, but after 11 years of marriage he actually appreciates the list. He'd much rather get me something I like than guess!
  14. i did something like that with my promise ring. i upgraded the band and said thanks for my bday present lol..
  15. Haha! If I were you, and I had a boyfriend or hubby, since i'm currently around 16 years old. I would have turn the fendi or an very very expensive designer handbag online and hint him couple of times. If he's willing to spend that much money on me, he gotta love me that much to buy it.