Well, I did it...bought Legacy Mandy Courier and not sure I love it!!

  1. I got the Mandy Courier I ordered in the mail today and I'm not sure how I feel about it :sad: I bought it off eBay so if I decide I don't like it, I have to relist it. I like the leather and it's the perfect size for me, but the hardware seems a bit heavy and I'm not sure it's worth the $$ I paid for it. I think part of it is I'm feeling buyers remorse over spending so much. I should also add I'm never 100% in love with any purse I buy.

    So my question is...how do I decide whether or not to keep it? What do you all do when you're on the fence about a bag?
  2. Whenever I'm on the fence about a bag, I return it. I would go with your initial gut instinct. When it comes to handbags, I want to love it from the beginning especially when the price tag is higher. Keep it for a couple days...trying it around the house and then decide. You do want to be sure whatever choice you do make.
  3. Put your stuff in it, look at it in the mirror, and just try it out. See how it feels and looks to you. Good luck!
  4. I'm so sorry you don't love your new bag. Maybe you could use it for a day and decide if you really think the hardware is too heavy? Maybe after carrying it a bit you'll find you don't notice the weight of it. I always notice how heavy my Legacy bag is when I first pick it up but after I carry it a short while, I don't think about it any longer and it doesn't bother me.
  5. I think if you keep it a couple of days you might really like it after all... if not you can always relist it later.
  6. Sometimes I get excited about getting a bag, then i get it and I hate it. Keep it a few days and I am sure you will start to love it. If not, return it so you can get a bag you really want.
  7. Omg I Feel The Exact Same Way. I Have Purchased The Ali In White And Whiskey. Then Returned Them. Bought The Satchel And Returned It. Repurchased The Same 2 Colors Of The Ali And They Are Still In The Bag In My Car. I Thought I Wanted The Mandy Courier And Saw The Suede At The Outlet, But I Did Not Like The Way It Feels On My Shoulder. The Strap Is Too Wide It Felt Like It Was Going To Keep Sliding Off. I Still Want To Try The Shoulder Bag, Which Looks Like A Smaller Mandy. I Have Posted Several Times To Get Everyones Opionion, But I Still Need Help. It Seems Like The Shoulder Bag Is The Most Popular. Should Take A Poll. Anyway, With All That Being Said, Put Your Stuff In It And Walk Around And See If You Like It. That Is What I Did In The Store Today. Looks Like I Might Be Making Another Trip To The Retail Store To Make An Exchange. I Bet They Hate Me There.
  8. Did you choose to return it or keep it?