Well I decided to keep her...

  1. I had wrote that I wasn't sure about keeping the Speedy Damier but I did and I'm so happy I did. I do think the 30 is a tad big and my new speedy which will be an Epi in Red will be a 25. Anyway have a question how gentle do I need to be with my new love? I have another LV but I have not carried her yet. I want to know if I need any special hints on taking care of her. I carry Coach, MJ and now LV do I need to be on the look out or just carry it like I would any other bag? Just need some advice from the ladies who already are carrying the purse. Thanks
  2. Congrats on keeping it! Don't use hand lotion or germ killer when you carry it. That should keep the handles in good condition. The canvas is easy to clean.
  3. Congrats!
    The Damier is really an easy one to take care of..you shouldn't end up with any kinds of marks or anything, but if you get any of those white marks that are typical of the mono bags (and Damier too sometimes), you can just wipe them off with a damp cloth.
  4. Congrats. Definitely a must have bag on my list. Enjoy her and Damier should be effortless to take care of compared to LV with vachetta. Great choice!
  5. Yay for you! The damier speedy is gorgeous!
  6. I think the damier speedy is gorgeous!
  7. im glad that you keep it ;) damier speedy is gorgeous!! and it is easy to take care :yes:
  8. Congrats for keeping the Damier. I just bought my speedy 30 and I absolutely love it to death. I was just telling my DH in the car today about how I just love looking at it. I didn't even like it at first and now it's my favorite bag. I just love that I don't need to stress too much about getting it dirty. I can just simply enjoy the bag.
  9. Congrats- glad to hear you're loving your Damier! The Damier line is so beautiful AND low-maintenance. Red Epi speedy too- that will be fab!
  10. I also have this bag and it's always the one I reach for when it's raining or when I don't want to worry about vachetta. Congrats! I've used mine so much and it still looks completely brand new. It's a very durable bag.
  11. Congrats, a great worry-free bag! =)
  12. :yahoo: Congratulations :yahoo:

    Great bag, you will love it. Like the others have said Damier is very easy to care for w/o the vachetta. Just a wipe with a damp cloth every now & then is needed.
  13. I'm glad you are loving your bag! It's very pretty and I think it is trouble free.
  14. I think this will be my next purchase. I love the Damier Speedy....
  15. congratz!! good choice!!! now im more excited to get mine!