Well I couldn't resist...I picked up a Jack and Lucie keychain/charm at LV tonight

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  1. I met up with friend and fellow PFer colleenco for some shopping (of course). She had this charm on her speedy and it looked so cute/nice that I had to see if LV had any left. Well they did and I couldn't resist :yahoo:

    You guys all know what they look like by now so I didn't bother with pics (plus think my camera is acting up!!!). I am looking forward to putting it on my mono and damier bags. Oh and they do NOT hit against each other because they are on different heights on the bag.

    Thought I'd share. :smile:
  2. Oh congrats! I know I saw them when I went to buy my groom cles, they looked so beautiful!
  3. congrats virgo ! What colour did you get ?
  4. Yeah what colour did you get ...

    Also are there many still ciculating in the US, do you know when they will stop production on them ??
  5. Congrats ! :yes:

    Ugh, you guys are terrible influences on me.. I think I'm breaking down !!
  6. Congrats!! I saw them today too! They are so cute!!
  7. Congratulation :love:
  8. :yes: Congrats! I looked at those and wanted those as well...glad you got them! Woooo Hoooo! Bet they look fab! Wear them with pride:love:
  9. congratulations!
  10. Good for you, those are really cute!
  11. keychahin.jpg
  12. I'm not sure. I think my store has 1-2 of the brown ones yet, but no black and oranges ones.
  13. Sooo cute! I couldn't resist either !! :yes:
  14. aww thats cute, congrats! its also cute they you went out with another fellow PFer haha, its such a community!! heeh congrats!
  15. Good choice! They are very special, and will set your bag apart from the rest.