Well......I bought my first LV today!

  1. Just thought I'd let everybody know I bought my first LV piece today...I got the Speedy 30 in Damier!!

    I bought it at Saks at Beachwood Place in Cleveland....from a very sweet and knowledgable SA named Somer. She was really friendly, and asked me right away if I needed help. It wasn't very crowded at the time, just one other customer.....I would have no problem going back to her again. By the way, very soon the LV boutique at this Saks is expanding to a new space in the store, and will carry shoes as well, if anyone lives or shops in that area.

    Of course, the transaction was made easier because I pretty much knew what I wanted....I tried the Mono Speedy 30 first, but knowing me and my tendency to drop and spill often, I thought the Damier was a more practical choice for me. Plus, it's beautiful!!

    I made sure to ask for a new bag, and not just accept the display model....although there was no plastic on the handles, my bag was "collapsed" in the dustbag and I did get a lock as well, but no box. Is that normal for Saks LV purchases?

    Also, I was wondering, since it appeared the bag was brand new and was folded or "collapsed" when the SA brought it out..I do see a crease in the canvas on the outside, and I can also feel it from the inside. Is this normal for a brand new Speedy that has been folded, and will it fall out over time? You can't really see it due to the Damier, but I know its there, and just want to make sure it'll either fall out with use or look less obvious as the bag is filled..if anyone could advise!!

    All in all, it was a fabulous experience...I walked in mostly to look and compare the 25 and 30..but once I touched that Damier 30....it was all over!! I was so happy that I was literally shaking with anticipation and nerves, even AFTER I made the purchase!! I absolutely adore it! :yahoo:
  2. CONGRATS on a great bag and YAY for a wonderful SA and great shopping experience!!!:yahoo:
  3. Congratulations on your first purchase and it's always an added bonus that you had a great shopping experience.

    If you don't have a regular SA, a lot of times I find it necessary to request a box before they'll shell it out. It all depends on the SA.

    Post pics when you get a chance!
  4. Congrats !!!:yahoo: It's an excellent choice. Don't worry, with use the crease will disappear;)
  5. Congrats!! I think the Damier Speedy is a great choice!

    I bought my first LV at Bloomingdales and did not get a box either. While I was there I saw the SA collapse a newly purchased speedy before packing it up, so I am pretty sure that is normal. I've read on here that people suggest stuffing the speedy and that the crease will go away over time.

    Congrats again and enjoy your new purchase!!!
  6. Congrats! They say you never forget your first ;)
  7. Awww....thanks you guys...you are all so very sweet, and so full of great information!

    I do love the bag, and that's ok about not getting a box...as long as I have the dustbag...I am set!

    Now, what's next? Perhaps an Alma? Batignolles Horizontal? A Saleya?

    Oh well, I think I'll just enjoy this one for now......
  8. Good for you! You'll love the Damier Speedy!
  9. Denim, I am so happy for you, fortunately this won't be your last purchase.
  10. congrats!!! the damier speedy is a great bag!!
  11. Congrats on a great bag!
  12. Congrats - it sounds like you had a wonderful time (the true LV experience ;))
  13. Congrats!! The speedy is my favorite bag!
  14. Congrats on your gorgeous new LV!! Yes, my first Speedy was folded (got it through elux so it was even more creased due to shipping), and another tPF'er told me to stuff it with rolled up t-shirts for a few days. Works like a charm - give it a try.

    yay for you! :yahoo:
  15. Congrats and welcome to your new obsession!