Well I am supposed to be on a Bag Ban until Sept but...

  1. this isn't a bag so I am in the clear! WHEW Been wanting these babies for a while and while I was at NM...

  2. Oooh I love those!!! which NM did you find them?
  3. Those are too cute!
  4. The one at NorthPark in Dallas.
  5. I love these!!!!
  6. wow i love the details!
  7. Love them! Congrats!! Northpark is a great mall. I wish they had Chanel handbags though.
  8. Me too! That would make that mall perfect! Well and LV is rather small!.
  9. i can't stress enough how CUTE those are!!! I've never seen them, congrats!
  10. Yeah i agree dallas as whole is not great when it comes to Chanel bags... None of the Saks carry them and its limited at the other NM but the Chanel Boutique is great!
  11. i love these- they're absolutely adorable!!
  12. They are gorgeous,enjoy them!!
  13. Adorable, congrats!
  14. ooohhh i love those! i have them in black!
  15. this is soooo pretty! congrats