Well I am hooked! No Sale Bags for me!!

  1. Hi,
    For the first time in around 15 years I have not bought a designer bag in the sales in the UK. I normally buy at least 2 bags reduced. Jan I bought 2 paddies in the sale, summer last year I bought DKNY, Gucci and a Tod.

    This sales I have had no interest in any sale bags, in fact any bag at all.
    The only bag I desire is a Hermes Kelly - Togo leather, Chocolate or Gold with Pall Hardware.

    I feel if I buy anyother bag, I will end up still getting the kelly thus I will rather wait my turn. It does not help that I am in London and Harrods which is easy to get too are not helpful, but still!:rolleyes:

    Let the waiting begin!:yes:
  2. Your doing the right thing. Let the sale bags go. If the Kelly is the bag you want, no other bag will do.
  3. Thanks for replying ReneH, you are right! No other bag will do!
  4. I have the same issues -- I always get a couple of new chanels/pradas each season. I should stop and just save for a new H bag.
  5. After I got my first Hermes - a Kelly - I gave all my other bags [prada, marc, balenciaga, etc] to my daughter in law. I lost total interest in them and chasing the latest IT bag. I save for Kelly/birkin only. Maybe it's my age, but I wish I woke up sooner to true style.
    You've made the right decision IMO.
  6. [​IMG]
    Credits: LZ

    This is the bag you are holding out for! :heart: Don't worry you will be able to find her soon!
  7. SammyJoe - You have set your sights on one of the most iconic of handbags and you will never regret having a Kelly...though you may end up wanting another!:smile:

    Princessfrog - that is a lovely Kelly from LZ!
  8. Funny this thread should show up now. My DH was just saying, "If you just stop buying all these other bags you could afford a Birkin/kelly sooner." Darn, I hate it when he is right! On the other hand, at least he isn't saying "No way are you spending THAT much on a purse???"
  9. Thanks for all of your comments ladies! I think I have made the right decision!

    I must add if I decide to buy a bag to tide me over whilst I wait for the Kelly (not that I am on a list yet!lol) it would be the picotin MM or GM.

    I called Harrods and a lovely guy answered, I asked about the Picotin, discussed horses etc and he said I should just keep on checking in and see what they have! I wish I took his name he was great!Lol!

    Current UK prices below -
    PM - £910
    MM - £970
    GM - £1170