:( Well how disappointing!!

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  1. I drove all the way to the outlet and was going to get the mff lily tote...they didn't have them. I had a credit that would have covered at least 1/2 and I was so stoked to get one. What a bummer!
  2. That stinks. Did they at least have an ETA for them?
  3. I know how that feels. It hapen the same to me before many times. That´s why now I buy everything online. Is cheaper and if is available you don´t even have to move from your desk. Try some good designers pages to see the products and look for them in other website where they have the same at half price. You won´t regret.:yahoo:
  4. Totally sucky...thought they'd be out today everywhere.
  5. Did they say on the phone that they had them?
  6. I didn't call ahead. My mistake. I had so much to do today, and I loaded the kids up and just went.
  7. Aww I'm so sorry hun, that really sucks! Hopefully you will find one soon though, hang onto the credit until you are able to snatch one up! :biggrin:
  8. Yah, I was just hoping to get the extra 20% off, that's why I just ran out to get one.
  9. All outlets are not getting these totes
  10. I was so disappointed when I went to the outlet last night to check out these totes too....
    Not that my outlet didn't have them, but that they were a lot smaller than I was expecting. I'm bad w/ sizes but I'd swear this tote is no more than 12" or 13" high. I really wanted a 'true' tote bag to schlep around work papers in and this tote is just too small for that!!
  11. I was glad to hear it was a smaller tote. It sounds perfect.
  12. I agree, it looked bigger in pics for some reason. That usually does happen that way.
  13. I was wondering about the size. I was thinking of getting one for work too, but if it is small that won't work. It sure is a super cute bag though.
  14. I don't know what websites you are talking about but, remember, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.
    All those websites claiming to sell Coach at wholesale are selling fake bags. You should definitely get anything you plan to buy online authenticated in the authenticate this coach area here on tpf before you buy.

  15. I am betting that my Outlet does not have them either... They are the last ones in my area to have anything...