Well...here it is...

  1. :nuts: I went to Saks preparing to buy an edith...but fell in love with the ascot tote.

    It's fairly large and the color is a lot darker than you can see in the pic (chocolat) goddamn flash...I will try to get up more pics in the daylight but was so excited for this I had to get it up....
  2. Love it! Congratulations! The Ascot Tote is just wonderful!
  3. Very nice! Maybe you could catch a snapshot of yourself holding it?
    I was eyeballing that on the NM.com pages and I'd love to see a size
  4. The leather looks so nice in your pic. A lot prettier than then Neiman's pic. It is a very nice classic bag. Congrats!
  5. Thanks!! Though I looked on Neiman's website -- but couldn't find it. Is that what youre talking about or catalog?
  6. What a beautiful and unique tote! Congrats.
  7. really cool! congrats!
  8. Very cute. Looks like a distant cousin to my Edith Loaf.
  9. Can your Ascot and my Ascot be friends? :P I have a small black one. Isn't the leather great?
  10. This bag was on the NM sale pages for a loooong time. I couldn't believe no one bought it. Unfortunately I had just purchased a work bag (Mulberry tooled Bayswater in black) so I didn't have a real spot for the ascot. But it's wonderful :heart:

  11. This one is different than the one on the sale page, I think! I think that one was quite a bit smaller...and the straps were down towards the middle of the bag...this one is brand new this season I think

    I think this is the NM sale one
  12. do you have a pic of yours? I'd love to see it!! of course they can be friends ;)