Well....H did not buy me a chair!

  1. For those of you who remember my tale....no H did not buy me a chair. Last night we opened our gifts and when he brought mine in, I could tell from the box that it was not a chair ;). It was also too large to be a purse so I opened the box and it was an electric fry pan. Now I knew it really was a joke, so I opened the pan and inside was the sad part. He had an envelope with some money in it and he said, "I really wanted to buy you a chair, but our daughter said you really didn't want it, so I gave you the money instead. Do what you want with it." :sad: I am glad for the money becaue I can put it away and save for my Trevi, or I could buy a wallet, which I have always wanted, but he looked quite rejected. I understand that Christmas is not about the gifts and I understand that you should be happy with anything you are given. But honestly, I don't get the thought process, here. I feel bad that he is disappointed, but I am also confused at how he thought a chair was a great idea. :confused1: (I did drop enough hints). Anyway what is important is that my children were home last night and we had a chance to be together, so Merry Christmas to all TPF'ers and their families and I can't wait to see everyone's presents.:yahoo:
  2. Aw Well atleast you can use the money to save for something you really want , And you never know you might see something that comes out early next year !
    Merry Christmas i hope you have a good day!
  3. Well, I am glad you did not get the unwanted chair, but also sad that hubby was sad.

    It would have been difficult to return the chair :smile: So, are you heading to LV tomorrow for your purse?
  4. I'm glad you did not end up with the chair! Sometimes it is so hard to understand husband's and their thought process. You can drop hint and hint over one item and it just goes over their head. You mention ONE time as a passing that you might like (example) a rocking chair for the deck in the future, and that's what you get. Who knows?
    I'm sure in the end, he is glad that you will be getting what you truly wanted.
    And really, an unwanted piece of furniture would be an eyesore, you know?
    Happy Christmas to you and yours!
  5. Owww sarah, I can understand how you feel! Ofcourse it's really nice to be all together, but it would have been extra special when you got what you hoped for (the trevi)! O well, at least he gave you money to spend as you wish and not a chair (I don't think he got how special the trevi was for you, most guys just don't get it if you don't keep spelling it out to them, LOL).
    Hope you will get it anyway in the new year, and that day will also be special, so you have that too look forward to as well!
    Have a nice christmas!
  6. Thats kinda sad... how did he not have a clue about LV and think you wanted a chair??? He could of gotten you an LV gift card at least instead of money... IDK just my two cents... that would of made me feel bad.

    But its good you have a good christmas anyway!! Merry Christmas!!!!
  7. ahhhh sad he was so rejected but I know how u feel about being perplexed at how he thought a chair would be a good gift when you dropped so many hints...happy saving for the purse :smile:
  8. Yeah, some men are just hard to understand (I guess men say that about women too, lol). Sorry that he felt down, but he'll get over it when he sees you happily returning home with a new bag/wallet and thanking him for it :smile:

    Congrats! :smile:
  9. Sarah2808, something you said in your post started me thinking....

    You wrote that it was good to have your children home, which made me wonder if you and your husband are "of a certain age?" (I'm thinking that maybe you have grown children who do not always live with you but came home to visit for Christmas.) And if so, I think I have solved part of the problem, being 48 years old myself with a 55-year old husband. Men of our "generation" don't get it. They don't get LV, they don't get how insane we can be over our handbags and accessories. Jewelry they understand better, and practical stuff like books, CD's, reclining chairs and frying pans. I am constantly amazed when I read posts on tpf from 20-somethings about their boyfriends buying them LV. Either they're all dating millionaires, or things have changed (ALOT!) since I was dating!
  10. ;)Beth...you are so right! We are in our 50's, and he really doesn't get it. Of course he never really got jewelry either. He is always looking for what I "need" vs. what I want. He makes me laugh, because he is totally confused by designer handbags.("Tell me again how this bag is different than the one you could have bought at Walmart?) He likes luxuries, but to him that is a T.V., or a digital picture frame. Of course being a woman, I listen to him and buy him what he wants. He looks around the house, sees what we need and then gets all excited about the amazing gift he has bought. :confused1: And....yes as a mother of two twenty year olds, things have definitly changed since we were that age. My daughter's boyfriend will save all year to buy her a purse or a pices of jewelry and he will go with one of her friends to pick it out too.
  11. I think you can completely reverse the whole moment when you get what you want and show him how happy you are with whatever you get -- Trevi or such --- and just remind him that it was a big part that this Christmas gift made it possible -- bet he'll smile and you'll both forget about any dissapointment or sad feelings today. -- Have a wonderful rest of the holiday season and a super 2008!
  12. Money is good :nuts: Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus :sweatdrop:
  13. It sounds like he wanted you to be happy, and wanted you to have something that you wanted, and that's what's important. Men sometimes don't quite get it, and maybe he didn't all the way figure it out, but at least he wanted you to get something that was special to you! I hope you all have a wonderful day with your family, and Merry Christmas to you!
  14. I can't wait for you to get the purse you want! Can you take him to the LV boutique & show him the goods & explain it to him?
  15. Cash is GOOD...!!!
    I hope you buy yourself something wonderful.
    Merry Christmas !!