well, goodbye savings account...it's been nice having you, BUT...

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  1. oh jesus. i hate you coach.

    returning a pce purchase for the scarf print ergo.

    i'll probably end up with the turquoise tote.

    ...and a oxford slim tote.

    and maybe this watercolor bag as a throw around bag...

    a watercolor mini skinny?! yesssss!

    and so many other accessories that i can't even see straight. (btw, did anyone see that grasshopper charm and get grossed out?)

    siiiiigh. i need a job. at coach. :p
  2. someone talk me out of all this before i blow my store credits AND manage to get massively in debt (because someone has no idea what self control is...hmph).
  3. Surely you can cut that down to half and get the rest later?? Damn woman, thats a lot at once! ;)
    (I'm not a very good talker-outer, sorry. :push:smile:

  5. Ok, you're cracking me up, but I'll try to be a voice of reason. The oxford tote is cute, but at $600, do you NEED it - it's an awful lot of money for a fabric bag, plus, if you get the watercolor tote, it's kind of along the same lines. You may also see the oxford at an outlet later - I know I've seen a lot of higher-priced fabric bags (like the umbre tote from last spring) at my outlet for much much less. And while I like both the scarf print and turquoise ergos, it's a bit repetitive to get both, especially when the scarf print may be a bit harder to keep clean.

    Does that help at all?

    I haven't seen the grasshopper charm yet, but it doesn't sound all that appealing.
  6. the grasshopper cell landyard? I LOVE it!

    ok - oxford tote or watercolor...not both!
  7. Girl I know what you mean! I've got $500 saved and I am wondering if I should go blow a couple hundred on the Signature Stripe Demi or that fabulous Carly small hobo... *dies* We're a couple of addicts. My fiancee would kill me if he found out I blew more money on designer bags.
  8. You are the chief enabler but are you sure you really need the watercolor tote if you get the slim tote? That slim tote is gorgeous but really pricey.
  9. As much as those are sooo great. Do you want to buy all of those now and when the new catalogue comes out have to miss out on some great stuff?
  10. but the oxford is cuuuuteee.

    maybe just get the oxford wallet? :graucho:
  11. Hmmm, I say turquoise tote and the oxford slim tote. The oxford is a little pricey but what a great looking bag!
  12. LOL.... I :heart: the title. Hello, my life.

    OKay - first of all, let me remind you that you only have two arms - and there are only 365 days in the year - subtract holidays/loafing days - and you're down to about 250 "good handbag days" in a year. Divide by number of bags you currently have...and whoops, hold on - I think I just confused myself....

    LOL... look at it this way. Out of the things you are looking at - what are you going to "use" them for... Do you have a bag that serves a similiar purpose or looks similiar? Also, if someone made you choice between keeping one of these new bags or "insert your fav bag from your collection here", which one would you keep. Go down the line, and do that for each bag on your list...

    Hopefully that will help you see what you really love...
  13. i second you getting a job at coach, like for serious!

    so i would only get the slim tote if you had a discount or credit, its too pricy IMO. the water color is PERFECT for summer time and it will be great to just use, abuse, clean, and reuse...i know people like matching, but if you get the h2o color tote, do you really need the mini skinny (trying to save you $$ here)
  14. Yeah, I agree. The slim tote at nearly $600 is pretty pricey! But the watercolor bag with the mini skinny would be soooo cute! And less than $250 for both pieces! Wait a few days before you decide because you'll probably change your mind again! haha! (yes, you are as indecisive as me, remember?)
  15. YES! I do not like it AT ALL... I just didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings... lol. I don't like grasshoppers, period... :yucky: