Well frig, I don't think I love my Grenat City!

  1. Hot on the heels of my new Truffle City (which I love) my newest addition, Grenat, was delivered today. I'm afraid the color is just not vibrant enough for me and I'm not loving how it looks on me or even just alone. I knew it was a deep, oxblood-type red, but it's still a bit...drab or something and I don't think it flatters me. I still can't get emerald out of my mind (which I have seen in person, Grenat I had not) so I think I'm going to make the exchange. :crybaby: I'm going to think about it over the weekend. I need to chill and stop being so *frantic* about getting my next bag!
    Grenat 2.jpg Grenat 1.jpg
  2. awwww, Glimmer, I'm sorry you don't love your new Grenat!! I think she's really pretty! But if you're dreaming about Emerald, go get her in exchange!!!
  3. Aw, thanks Redney. I think that's what I should do...of course my mind could change eight times over the weekend looking at everyone's beautiful pics!
  4. that's bbag fever for ya!!:lol:
  5. Word! Color of the current hour: blueberry!
  6. ^^^oooooooo, so pretty!!! :love: there have been so many pics of PFers' gorgeous blueberries!!!:tender:

    Still have lots of time to decide...:yes: (and drooooool) LOL!
  7. BTW, your bags are unbelievable! What colors ya got there?
  8. my bags and I thank you, Glimmer! :flowers: They were all due to bbag fever I caught on the PF! LOL!!

    I have an 05 Rouge First and City, 06 Rouille Box, and 06 Ink City.:heart: I've been carrying my reds around alot this summer!
  9. That rouge is just tdf...as if I even need to say it! Oh, and the ink City....... *head explodes*
  10. Exchange it if you don't love it. Get that Emerald!
  11. Sorry to hear you don't love your Grenat! Give it a few days maybe you'll come to love her. If not, exchange and get the emerald.
  12. I will agree with you...the color is nice, but I would expect it to be a bit more "rich" in color, if that makes sense.
  13. I say wait a bit and then get a new red city if you want a more vibrant color!
  14. It's a beautiful bag! I'd think about it for a few days, and if you still think you'd prefer the Emerald, exchange it. You should have a bag you LOVE!
  15. I've seen some beautiful photos of Grenat from PFers, but when I saw the specimens at Barneys in Chicago I did not like the color as much as I thought I would. I liked Rouge Vif and Sapin the best of the new colors (I also saw Truffle & Griege ... did not see Blueberry). Do you prefer Emerald over Sapin? I think Emerald is probably the more vibrant of the two.
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