Well...............Dick Fuld and Hermes

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  1. That is so dumb!! When you sell your property for $10 (or $100) to your own wife, everyone know what you're trying to do! It suddenly take away all their reputation and gives credit to all the accusations against him. Very dodgy.
  2. my thoughts exactly--now he is acting guilty
  3. No surprise there. Some people have no shame.
  4. <The Fulds have taken steps to cut back, like selling some of their multimillion-dollar art collection. Still, they are thought to be worth tens of millions. When Mrs. Fuld went shopping at Hermès over the holidays, she requested white bags &#8212; rather than the brand&#8217;s signature orange ones &#8212; to try to disguise her purchases.>

    I don't think this practice is that uncommon.

  5. ^^ I think some people ask for white bags when making major expensive purchases in this economy.
  6. I could have loaned her some of my Costco shopping bags to use:smile:

  7. or Duane Reade!
  8. wait...GK your costco has bags????
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: You guys crack me up!!!
  10. I was actually in the Madison Ave store at the same time she was there for one of her shopping trips, and believe me people noticed and they talked about how she was still shopping. The white bags didn't do her that much good for those people.
  11. Grace, our Costco makes us use old packing boxes.....yours gives bags!!! I'm gonna protest! ;)

  12. They had some shopping bags about 2-3 years ago and I keep them in the trunk of my car and use them when I go there. I am trying to be green LOL!
  13. ^ good to know, because I had the car warmed up and I was about to drive down and protest outside my Costco. I *Want *My *Bag * :dots: