well dang fight is going to cost me a carly

  1. I have always used my friends pce discount and I told her this time I just wanted the large chocolate carly...sooo I knew we haden't been getting along the greatest in the past 2 weeks.. So I asked her yesterday did my bag come in should I just write you a check and you can pick it up and she emailed me No carly for you. You have to many bags so forget it. Im not really sure why she is so mad. She didn't even order it for me. IM bumming..Ok so no more discount I can live with that but I really believed my bag was just waiting to get picked up.She then says soooo since your to far from an actual coach store you'll just have to deal with not even getting one. You can wait till Macys gets them and pay full price. Is there anyway to get this bag on the phone from anywhere I have no card. Im pretty sure im sunk:crybaby:
  2. You should be able to call a store and order it. Or customer service.
  3. i am so sorry, but it is possible, check out the thread stated abovev..
  4. Call the store I ordered from I didn't have a card and they gave me the discount.
    ask for Jason, get your bag.

    He even sent me a postcard to thank me for my order, now that's great CS.
  5. Wow. What a "friend". :bagslap: She sounds bitter and jealous.
  6. I'm so sorry this happened! I would check out the thread posted above. I know LaurenAshley85 orders from a store in Delaware I believe and there's no tax, so I'd try to find that #. Good luck.
  7. yikes! i hate to hear how your enemies treat you if that's how your friend is treating you! yes, she does sound very bitter and jealous! check out the thread mentioned above, call a store from the list, and get your bag! then, take a pic of you modeling it and post it here for us all to see. make sure to send it to your friend too along with a "thanks for nothing" note.
  8. Mean people suck! I hope a bird poops on her handbag tomorrow! :hs:
  9. thanks so much for all the help Ill call them in the am. fingers crossed. I kinda knew this was happening. We would be together and she would buy like 5 bags then I would never see them again. I now realize they were being returned. This is not what friendship is about.
  10. What a friend. Geesh, I would move on. You can find a Carly somehow.
  11. :bagslap::bagslap:NOW THAT IS VERY FUNNY!!!!! LOLOL :yes:

    I would definitely call one of the stores and buy that bag and MAKE sure your friend knows you have it when you get it! That is NO friend! and I agree w/ what LIblue said!!!!!!!!!!! :supacool:

  12. Great advice:tup:

    Good luck tomorrow...you'll get your Carly!:yes:
  13. Oh Call Coach and get your bag!! Heck walk in the store and ask for discount lots of people here have just asked and got it! I wish there was more time I would mail you my card!!
  14. Wow, what a brat! lol. I would call one of those coach stores mentioned in the PCE thread and get your carly! Then make sure your friend knows about it somehow. I think she is just jealous!!