Well Dam.... Claudia Schiffer Looks Great !!

  1. Here she is at The Womans World Awards


    [​IMG] Back in the day..


  2. She has always been a natural beauty.
  3. She's pretty, but that dress is hideous, she looks like she was wraped in a doily.
  4. Didn't she just have a baby? I hate her guts! ;)
  5. She's aging really well! :shame:

    Haha I wanna look that good when I'm her age!!! :nuts:
  6. My God ...she's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGREOUS ... omg she looks great w/out tons of make up ... and her guess ad pic is :wtf:
  7. What a knockout! She's like Gisele...natural beauty.
  8. what I would give for her complextion!
  9. Gosh, no make-up and she still looks camera ready! HOT HOT HOT!!
  10. She's beautiful :smile:
  11. Never thought she was beautiful. Saw her in person once. Big head and even bigger teeth. Not a 'classic' beauty at all.
  12. She aged very well.
  13. She's always been my favourite supermodel ^_^
  14. She's down to earth and smart too. Love her!
  15. Ok... I just hate her after seeing that picture. She looks absolutely terrific and it's clear that the makeup isn't caked on or anything and that she is positively a radiant beauty. Even the doiley outfit is reminescent of Chanel. She exudes class. I need a makeover now. :sad: