Well crap.

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  1. :cry:

    I spoke to LV today....apparently all their special orders for Damier 25's AND 30's were kicked back to the stores from corporate, stating that these were BOTH going to be in the regular line. South Coast Plaza was told they would put me on the waiting list...as soon as they start one up. They won't do it yet, until they find out for sure when it will be launched. Which right now they are being told FALL!!!!! This came from John, the store manager. They had to do a credit back to my AMX for my order placed last week.

    I am so sad. :sad:

    I guess I will not be getting it by April for my 40th....damn. Good news is, my anniversary is in September...so I can perhaps get it for that.

    I'll just have to choose something else realllly special for my bday.
  2. Oh POO! I am sorry to hear that. I do hope you can get it by your anniversary. Until then, I hope you find something fab for your birthday!:smile:
  3. Thank you. It'll work out. :suspiciou
  4. I called the number on the vuitton.com website and they told me that too! then, I went to the Houston LV store to be put on the waiting list and they don't even have one...I hope they will call me when it comes out!
  5. when i read your post about your special order i was surprised that they even took the order since they are coming out soon...but i wasn't sure since i hadn't talked to my SA in a while, so i didn't post anything...sorry you couldn't get it for your birthday though! :sad:
  6. aww, well at least you'll get it for another special day :biggrin: I'm sure you can find another bag that'll bring you happiness.
  7. When they took the order, it was supposedly only the 25 was going to be in the regular line, not the 30. :sad:
  8. Thanks, Noriko. :biggrin:

    Maybe I'll get a diamond band instead...hmmmm.....
  9. OH no:sad: I remember your thread on when you put down your deposit. I'm sooo sorry to hear about that. Hey good things come to those who wait. Fall is just around the corner. In the meantime, diamonds aren't bad. ;)
  10. There you go! :lol:
  11. Thats always nice too;)
  12. It's interesting that no 2 LVs have consistent information about the Damier Speedy. Just put us out of our misery and let us know when to expect them! Grrrr...:evil:
  13. Aww... well at least you'll have some diamonds to last you for a few months. And better yet, you'll be waiting for the LV with ALL OF US LADIES HERE!! ;)

    Bjara, do you have the phone # for the LV store in SCP? Thanks.
  14. I know...it's strange to me that no one has a clear cut answer...You would think that a huge company like LV would have better standards than this. :suspiciou
  15. 714-662-6907

    Let me know if you find out anything!