Well Colour Me Confused

  1. Ever since I saw Sofia Coppola's White Kelly I've had minituare heart attacks over the colour white in many Hermes leathers- this is SO NOT a colour i would dare dream of in a purse but i'm..i'm..'i'm in love:love::love: and like i told my mother as a teenager- I CANNOT HELP WHO I LOVE! (or in this case, what i love :graucho: )
    so...white H bag owners- yay or nay? tell me the truth. i am in SERIOUS contemplation over a white H bag right now. so serious in fact that it's giving me butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it.:drool:
    also, what do you find to be the best colours for daily wear and which are nightmares? Bleu Jean is so pretty but i bet when you set it down you get paranoid..

    ps...if this sort of thread has already been posted, please humour me anyway! :P

    pps...omg imagine if i had a 35cm black Clemence Birkin with gold hardware in my collection as i do, PLUS a white 32cm Clemence Kelly....omg omg
  2. White is so pretty but I would be too paranoid to use it. However, if you are in love, well the question is irrelevant, one must follow ones heart... and there is always the Hermes spa.

    ps: my DD has just named her new doll 'Ella'.
  3. *ahem*White is the only color that must be sent to Paris for a cleaning.........and you know how long that will take!!!
  4. I saw a photo once of Sofia with her 30cm White Birkin and that almost made me want to get one...I say *almost* b/c I've had the dye from denim rub off on another bag made from lambskin and I almost cried. White is great in theory but in practice I'd be a nervous wreck--but that's just me, and what other company will take a bag back for cleaning or perhaps even re-dyeing if it's dirty? Only Hermes!

    As for colors great for daily wear besides black and brown, Vert Anis, Potiron, and Rouge H are wonderful shades that go well with so many things. Besides my Black Birkin, the next one I reach for most often is my Vert Anis.
  5. that's so cute!! :smile:
  6. take into consideration that it's Clemence- if i saw a spot of dirt on it couldn't i just wipe it off? and how dirty is too dirty to carry around? is there some wiggle room there or is white meant to be worn PRISTINELY?
  7. this particular white bag is Clemence, a leather i'm familiar with as i already have a Clemence Birkin. it seems like a leather that wouldn't have any color transfer danger, but i could be wrong? it seems rather like a good leather if you are going to get a white bag. i dunno. i wish i was hearing more positive!! haha i want enablers! :graucho::graucho:
  8. If you really have to have white, get it in epsom. It will clean off much more easily than clemence. My CDC is white epsom, I can't even come near a newspaper without it getting some gray smudge. Yes, I did wipe it off, but it is still a little dingy. Does it bug me? Somewhat. Mind you, I'm not one to let a little dirt bother me, but it does become a annoying after a while.
  9. c -- we're in the same boat - welcome aboard! i love white and i'm in agony deciding whether to get a white hermes bag.

    HG, how do you think white box would wear? since it can be completely recoditioned and dyed i would think that would be a good choice for white leather.
  10. ^^^^^White box will have to be a SO. I don't think they make that anymore, ivory either.
  11. Agree- white Epsom will save you much heartache. And so gorgeous!!!
    I dream about the white but it will never happen. :sad:
  12. Clemence cleans well...I have BJ and have had no problems with it at all. I think as long as you are really careful with it, white should be ok. I'd be concerned about the way the corners can rub...it would be more noticable I would think. :shrugs:
  13. Croissant, I have an idea. Purchase a small white leather item from Hermes, like a bracelet, and see how you like it. If you can manage to keep it clean or you learn to live with the smudges, then get it. After getting that CDC in white, I will never get myself a white bag.
  14. ^ That's a great idea, HG!
  15. yes, clemence does clean well but when it is in white, it gets tricky because dirt gets trapped in the grains and it's tough to bring them up to the surface.

    I love white too but too chicken to dare own one.