Well, can't leave out a New England PF Meeting??

  1. What do you say ladies and gents? Can't leave out New England!! Anyone from RI, Conn., MA, ME, New Hampshire, Vermont????? What does everyone say??? Be interested?:idea: :idea:
  2. No New Englanders??
  3. I know I've seen some girls from RI, MA, VT, ME, CT? Come on girls, don't you think it would be fun? Let's get together with our bags!!!:yes:
  4. Where Are You In Rhode Island, My Ask.....I Am Partly From The Area ~ Our Families Are In MA, NY & Fla (We Are Now In NC & Are Constantly Back & Forth Between NY & NC).....A Luncheon @ Copley, Would Be Fun....Or In Greenwich....Or Even In The City (NYC).....
  5. It Definitely Should Be A NE Meeting. It's Sounds As Though Many Are Going To NY. I'd Love To Set Something Up. Again A Copley Place/Square Meeting...Luncheon Would Be A Blast!
  6. No, afraid not. :sad: But I wish I was - I loved it there, when I visited! :love:
  7. I'm in Southern Maine - a Boston meet would be do-able with notice!
  8. I am in RI, Boston/Copley Meet would be great!! Especially the Copley LV!!!!! PM me and we'll see if we can set something up. I've talked to a few other girls from around the area and I can PM them too!!
  9. Anyone else from New England?
  10. I'm from the Boston area....PM me with info.

  11. tr444 ~ I Just PM'd You....I Didn't See This Until Tonight...So Sorry It Took Me This Long!

    I'm So Glad We Have More Interested....I Can't Wait To Meet You All!!!

    chloehandbags ~ I Wish You Were Coming Too.....Come On Take A Flight Over! :smile: .......Even Better We Come To You!!!! :smile:
  12. Okay, I'm going to start PM'ing today. Anyone else out there wants in, just let us know.
  13. Okay girls, we've got 13 invites out there and so far 4 have responded. So we're waiting a couple more days then we can narrow down a date!! We're all so excited to do this!!! I'll keep you all posted.
  14. I am a new chick here on PF!!!!
    I live in downtown Boston!
    Pm me...
    Thanks girls!
  15. Okay I think I pm'd everyone. About 12 people and we have 6 responses so far. I'm waiting a few more days for people to respond. Then we'll try to nail down a date!!