Welcoming the new baby!

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  1. Finally got my City 2008 Vert Thyme from a super sweet seller and boy this baby is so gorgeous!

    Leather is so rich, full of texture and glossy. It looks awesome in my humble collection.

    I love it and hope you do too! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

  2. Omg I love your collection!! What colors are the PT and the Work?
  3. Thank you for the sweet compliment! :yahoo:

    The PT is 2009 Mandarin and the Work is 2005 Indigo (leather on this is so thick!).
  4. nice collection
  5. Very nice! Love the indigo!
  6. lovely collection!
  7. Gorgeous addition :smile: congrats!
  8. a coherent whole
  9. Thank you. I wish B did not change their leathers -- the Indigo leather is really smooshy, significantly thicker and not dry at all!

  10. Thank you so much ladies! Everyone in this forum is so welcoming and I love it.
  11. Yeah with limited budget, I really have to pick and choose the colours and models carefully :P
  12. I adore Vert Thyme!
    Lovely collection too.
    Many congrats on your new addition. Enjoy it!
  13. Your new addition is beautiful, and she looks lovely with your other bags. I hope you enjoy her for many more years!
    Thank you for keeping me updated and letting me see she arrived safely!
  14. nice collection!
  15. lovely collections! Congrats.