"Welcome to Tori's closet"

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  1. It's very hard for me to see this. And I wonder how the piece of S:censor:T! woman that gave birth to her feels about this. I mean shouldn't this embarrass her mother? Oh yeah, that's right, her materialistic cold hearted self has no shame. She reminds me of that woman in the movie "Mommy dearest"

  2. What's going on? Is Tori having to sell off personal items for money or something?
  3. Yes, it looks that way! She wasn't left very much in the will and her mother won't even let her into the house.
  4. Yup, I can't believe this. But when I emailed the seller she said that she can not disclose any of tori's personal information but that she needs all the support she can get from her fans, which to me means that she is in need of some mulah!

    I just don't know why she just doesn't try out for some movies, I think she'd be good if she was to do some serious roles. She is after all Arron Spellings daughter and who in the movie business wouldn't want to help out an old freinds daughter who's being rapped by her mother?
  5. whats the story with them? why do they hate each other?
  6. Why did Aaron leave her so little $$$ if they were on good terms? And doesn't she still get paid from BH90210 being in syndication? I really feel bad for her.:sad: And for Candy to do this is just wrong.
  7. Is Tori that poor? She earned millions of dollars from her movies and sitcoms. Since she doesn't want that scarf, let someone else, a passionate hermes lover own it.
  8. This is not the first time her stuff has been on Ebay ~ now someone else is selling it. Before it was Tori herself.

  9. The will was changed weeks before he died, her mother tampered with it, since he had Alzheimer's and was very sick and ill and most times sedated his wife had their lawyer draw up some papers and had Arron sign them. What a low life!

    He would have never done this to his only daughter, she was everything to him.
  10. Stars can have no $ at a certain point. I remember reading Toni Braxton got to a point where she was broke and stuff. It happens.
  11. That's just sad! :crybaby: I really don't like her mother. What's she gonna do with all that $? It ain't gonna buy her daughter back (not that she wants to anyway it seems).
  12. That's really sad!! Why is her mom such a witch?
  13. How can a mother do something like this to her own child?? This is so sad, and I feel kinda sorry for Tori
  14. Anyone else find it odd that the "business card" you get is a cheap computer generated thing with a horrible pic of Tori on it? No makeup, etc. It's the same pic at the top of the auction page. I just find it odd.
  15. The feud started because Tori painted her mother in the most horrible light on her show So NoTORIous. On the show, her mother was shown as self-involved and narcissistic.

    Candy wasn't pleased.