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  1. I thought as the Hayden was a new style it would be good to have all of our photos in one place and seriously enable the lovely tpf ladies into buying one.

    I found out today that there are 2 sizes of Hayden Shoulder Bag.

    I bought the large Hayden Shoulder Bag in black which is gorgeous and very slouchy. The leather is slightly creased and butter soft.

    It has a main compartment which has a small magnetic closure and then the large flap sits over the top. The handle seems to sit well on the shoulder but only time will tell if it is going to slip off the shoulder or not.

    Here are some photos - come on girls, share your's too.

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  2. There are two sizes for shoulder?? Great to know Tiree, I had no idea - did you try on Tote??
  3. Yes I did and it was lovely but preferred it in the gingerbread to the black.

    I had no idea either about the 2 sizes of shoulder bag.
  4. Here are a couple of more photos

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  5. Mmmm lovely leather - I hear you the tote is better in Ginger.

    So yours is large one and same as Mulberry site's sizing info? The Hayden Messenger is smaller than smaller shoulder you think?? Sorry I have bear of little brain!! ;)
  6. I didn't see the messenger today. I would say the smaller shoulder bag is a similar size to the east west Bays. (don't quote me on that though)
  7. Which size is listed on the website in the shoulder? It would seem to me, that it is a good size as it is 12 1/2 inches wide (long). Is yours approximately this size?
  8. Wow, fab bag Tiree! it's lovely in black!
    So tell all, what did you think of the gingerbread tote? I'm seriously considering it and it's my current front runner.
  9. Gorgeous haul Tiree and the measurements would be really useful on the Hayden please :smile:
  10. I really like it SJ. If I didn't have so many Oak bags I would have been tempted. I appreciate it is totally different to oak but I would use it with the same clothes iykwim.

    I will definately have a closer look at it next time I am down.

    I would say the handles are a similar length to a Bays but slightly softer to fit over a coat a bit better. It the handles were an inch longer I probably would have seriously considered it instead of the shoulder bag.
  11. Measurements are closer to: Width 15 inches, Depth 13 inches. If they say 12 x 12 on their website then I really don't know where they have got this from as the smaller one is definately not 12 x 12 either
  12. Thanks Tiree I saw this one in Selfridges and I thought it looked bigger than on the website its really lovely in Black congrats
  13. Thanks tireebabe :smile: Your bag looks incredible. Enjoy wearing it :smile:

    Hmmm...so I wonder if the one on the website is the smaller of the two shoulder bags...

    I know the NYC is getting the Hayden in at some point so I will ask about it. The SA's there are waiting with great anticipation to see it, as well as the Leah.
  14. #14 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    OK, here's my review after taking gingerbread tote for it's maiden voyage today:

    - Collonil's well and doesn't leave any marks
    - Super soft slouchy buttery soft leather
    - A great size, fits the VIP business liner really well
    - Mobile phone slip pocket
    - Zipped inside pocket
    - Easy open/close with 1 magnetic popper in the middle
    - Nice lining
    - Adjustable buckles that would give it an extra inch or two if needed
    - Lightweight
    - Sits on the shoulder well and never fell off once (big bonus!)

    All in all, it's total LOVE and probably my favourite Mulberry yet :love:

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  15. Looks fantastic Fuzzy
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