Welcome to the Family...

  1. Thanks to Bessie, our resident awesome Kooba shopper!

    Introducing my new Lena:


    She's gorgeous, lightweight, roomy & the bomb!
    Pay no attention to the crone carrying her, lol! She looks good, that's all that matters. Nothing like a new Kooba arriving to make a gals day.

    Many thanks Bessie!!
    You found the perfect match for me. :yahoo:
  2. YAAAY!!!! she looks so amazing on you! and YOU look just as fantastic as Lena, shes got a good person to model her!

    She looks totally perfect on you im so glad we worked out which one to get you that you could love! now i want one haha!! :smile:

    and it looks gorgeous where you live!!!!
  3. Wow! That Lena looks great on you. Congrats!
  4. Oh, I love my house in the pines! We live in Northern California at the foot of Cobb Mountain, and I think I'm the only person in our closest town (pop 1000) who's ever even heard of Kooba!

    I get lots of compliments from the cowgirls on that Maria, though! :smile:
  5. hehe thats funny cowgirls!! so surreal to me as a city girl :smile: but its nice you being the only one whos heard of kooba !! :smile: you can just smile with confidence that your bag is mind blowing!!
  6. I've got that bag too, Rosen, been wearing it lots lately, really love that belted look (and now they've got that Ryan...better not go on that Kooba site for a while)

    She looks great on you, enjoy her!:yahoo:
  7. I love my Koobas, and I always feel like a million bucks carrying a great bag.

    I've cheated though, but always seem to end up selling the floozies I pick up along the way.

    (Well, all except that blue buffalo leather bag from Wilson's).
  8. I opted for the Lena instead of the ever elusive black Sienna, but I'm still hoping my turn will come & I'll swoop on a great deal like Lexie did!

    Till then, I'm planning on enjoying this beautiful bag!
  9. Congrats on your Lena Rosenpetals! It looks great on you! ;)
  10. Rosenpetals Rock! That bag was made for you! It looks like it's meant to be on your shoulder.
  11. WOW! I have never seen the lena on a 'real' shoulder before! It looks great on you Rosenpetals!!! :yes:

    OMG...I really like it! Im off to check out the other colours! :graucho:
  12. It looks wonderful on your shoulder!

    Floozies, I own a couple too. Sometimes you feel like a floozie, sometimes you don't. *s
  13. Oh my that bag really looks great on you! Congrats on a great choice!
  14. Thanks, gals!
    It feels great to carry, both on the shoulder & on the arm. It's not so heavy as some of Kooba's bigger bags & the handles are a bit longer than Elisha's, so the Lena sits lower on the body, not up in your armpit (I hate that)

    This is a perfect fit!

    Now I'm awaiting the arrival of my new Jessie & I'll post some pics of my 3 on the pictures thread.