Welcome to the family Botkier Trigger!


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Dec 2, 2005
Yayyyyyy My Botkier Trigger in olive came today :love: :love: I'm happy...the color is gorgeous, the leather is supple and perfect, and I'm SO glad I went for the medium instead of the large because it's the perfect size for me!!!

I just sent pictures to Vlad so hopefully he'll get them up here soon..:shame:
congrats! I have a medium luxe trigger in metallic chestnut and I love it! The color is so unique. I have the pebbled leather though but other than that I love it. Enjoy your bag!!! Welcome to the Botkier family!
Hi everybody!

I ordered from active endeavors when the sale was on and everybody else was ordering their bags. (I ordered the large hunter green trigger.) So I was eagerly awating my bag after all the others who had ordered were excitedly describing their new bag. Well, I checked my account status since I had ordered last Saturday and found out my order was cancelled! Needless to say I called customer service to find out why and was told they had run out of the style. When I quered as to why I had receieved no notice, they said they did send them out but from time to time it doesn't get through. Of course, I was upset that I didn't receive the notice because I would have ordered one of the other colors. Well, after talking with the manager, they said they would try to work something out. At first they offered a bulga or kooba, at a sale price. BUT I really want a Botkier Trigger and I wanted it in the smooth leather.

What do you all think? Is the smooth leather better than the pebbled and what about the size? I'm 5'5 and I had ordered the large. How much of a difference is there between the large and the medium? (They no longer have the large available.)

Any input would be welcome!
Just my two cents...i have the pewter 2003 med trigger and it's much more smoother than the current triggers. I also have the convertible; it's pebbled and would love to get rid of it!:nuts:
handbagqueen said:
Just my two cents...i have the pewter 2003 med trigger and it's much more smoother than the current triggers. I also have the convertible; it's pebbled and would love to get rid of it!:nuts:

Is it becaue of the pebbled leather? Or the design? Have you notice a difference in durability between the smooth and the pebbled?
Congrats to those who were able to grab a Botkier from AE!

Pejcharat - I'm sorry about the poor customer service....hoepfully, they will work something out with you.
The sizes are medium trigger: 9 x 12 x 6 and the large is 11 x 14.5 x 6.5.

I have only seen the pebbled so I don't know about the smooth, but I think that the pebbled would be more durable and not show wear and scrathes as much which is what I would prefer, but if you like the worn broken in look then maybe the smooth would be best.
I bought the mahogany medium trigger last fall and absolutely love the bag. I looked all over for the smooth leather as the pebble seemed heavier to me and it also wasn't as supple as the lambskin. It hasn't scratched but has a bit of a distressed, worn in look to it. If you look at the spring bags on www.botkier.com they seemed to have shifted away from the pebble.
Trigger Update, just because...

I have now had my metallic pearl Luxe Trigger for a couple weeks and it's the kind of bag that has really grown on me. I love it! At first I will admit I was a bit worried it was too heavy, but I think that's because I have been carrying some very lightweight bags. I am used to its weight now and just adore it, especially the way the three compartments make for easy organization, and the long fringes are just so sassy! It's a keeper. What a sexy bag....
I love your bag! Great color and texture. I've been checking on botkier.com daily to see whether they will put the Trigger on sale again but I doubt it since they only have a day left of their sale! Congratulations.
Congrats! I've been looking everywhere to get a botkier trigger but there hard to come by and pretty pricey. Is there any botkiers out on sale online for pretty reasonable price???