Welcome to the COACH Reference Library!

  1. Hello!:yahoo:
    Sorry it took so long, this Forum is so active we needed it a while ago, but it's better late than never, yes!?
    Here's the deal in here, there is a thread for each major line and product, if one is missing, feel free to PM one of us and we can add it.
    We don't want to miss anything so please, let us know!:yes:
    One big rule, no comments about people's pieces or questions.
    This is a photo library only, please start a new thread in the COACH Forum for any comments or questions.
    The reason we do this is when someone is searching a thread for photos, style #s etc. . . it's hard to weed through the comments and conversations to find the reference info they need.

    Enjoy and fill 'er up!:wlae:
  2. oh my goodness! You guys rock!:rochard:
    Look how full it's getting, I LOVE it!
  3. Wow! Thanks.

    How about a thread for demi photos???
  4. Hi I thought this website was truely a reference of coach purses . i was looking for images or any material on bags from the late 80's early 90's . Thanks
  5. it is truly a reference. . . of the items/bags our members have.
    If you have specific questions, pelase feel free to start a new thread in the Coach Forum, our members love to help when they can.
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  6. What about a section for clothing/jackets?
  7. What about a minsig lunch tote creed B0849-f11526 navy with brown straps
  8. Hi all....I have a "sixth sense" when it comes to shopping at second hand/consignment/even lower end junk stores....
    We have "Volunteers of America" here is Portland....anyway...on a whim...I honestly get a feeling...at their "dig" part..you buy by the pound, I grabbed a used, brown stewardess bag...I was a stew, so I know...and there is no way it is a fraud...what did I pay? 50 CENTS.....It is worn in, but I like it that way...no holes..anything that looks bad...just worn in.
    Now, the other day I had the feeling...went in, got a bunch of NEW Hanna Anderson dresses for my 7 yo.., a Lily Pulitzer dress for her...too cute, and another Coach! This one is dark brown suede, definitely authentic, but maybe it is too old to be listed. It looks to be 13X12X1 with a plain strap...falls at your hip. The stitching is brown leather and woven in...does this sound familiar to anyone? And the price...FREE!!!!
    As I was checking out...I asked the lady if she charged me and she said definitly yes...well a few days later I looked at the receipt
    and I can't find the charge, unless it was a tagged item...different colored tags mean different prices.....
    So...does anyone know the name of the bag and the possible year? Worth? It has a serial number. No D-02-9474. The D had a little line uner the o.....
    Thanks for your help!
    PS>..Also got a pair of BRAND NEW Ferragammos for 7.99....looked them up on NM and they are 450.00! They are a cool black zebra velvet on black material. Lucked out b/c of a narrow foot.
    Well, if anyone knows about this bag..I would love to hear from you!
  9. this thread isn't for questions, please start a new thread in the Coach Forum w/ questions.:tender:
  10. :yahoo:I guess my age is showing! I have no idea how this blog works. Like all of you, I love Coach handbags, and own several. All have been great, except the white signature fabric bag, which needs to be cleaned. Please let me know how and where I should post to find this info. Thanks!
  11. :welcome: welcome :biggrin:

    click on "Search tPF" on the "navigation bar towards the top of any page.
    Fill in the terms you wish to search; "clean signature" for example and then select COACH as the forum you wish to search:yes:
  12. How about adding a reference thread on the new Zoe?
  13. I have an older Coach wallet-new-in box, but the box top is blue and yellow with COACH on it, the bottom is solid green. How do I find out if it is really a Coach wallet I could send you a picture of the wallet if it would help. Thanks San Diego Girl
  14. What about starting a reference on all kisslock coach purses. I would love to see all the various ones that have been made.
  15. This bag was TEAL color.
    (to date it)
    Is about 9 in x 8 in
    two pockets vertical.
    Can you tell me what year this was made and how I can locate one?

    I don't think it came with a belt only the bag.