Welcome to the bbag club TXGAGIRL! Pics of her new bag

  1. TXGAGIRL; Enjoy your 1st of many more to come :yahoo:


  2. GREAT bag! A black City was my first bag as well! LOVE IT!
  3. congrats on your 1st bbag!
  4. Congratulations!!! BEAUTIFUL bag!!! :yahoo:
  5. gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous bag! Welcome to Bbags...excellent choice for a first Balenciaga. :yes:
  7. It's gorgeous!! Is it possibly an Anthracite?

    I wish you well,

  8. Thank you...it's a Black '07 City.
  9. Beautiful bag! Congratulations....
  10. ooooo...aaaawwwww... I love it! Can you believe I don't have a black yet??? I actually do not own one black bag of any designer. TXGAGIRL, you convinced me. Black has to be mine. You look soo cute w/ it! Congratulations.
  11. love it! The leather is gorgeous! ENJOY AND WELCOME to the MAGICAL WORLD OF BBAGS!
    :welcome: :welcome: :queen: :welcome: :welcome:
  12. OOOOh your black city is beautiful:drool: , it's such a cool bag, have lots of fun showing it off it looks great on you!
  13. TXGAGIRL- I will be looking for you on the streets of GA...I live in GA too!
  14. JEM...I'll be on the lookout. Thanks again for all the compliments. I could not have done it without Z&J. She is a world of knowledge. Everyone else who helped...I appreciate it. I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a bag. I'd been looking for a black one for forever and I'm glad this is what I picked...!!!! I've never felt leather so soft. It just puddles. The SA at Saks I worked with was great.
  15. :yahoo: Congratulations TXGAGIRL:yahoo:

    Your Black City is TDF:drool:

    Fabbie choice for your 1st Bbag! Enjoy!