Welcome to Sexy Red club

  1. Post anything red from your collections..Love to see sexy hot red from LV..

    Old red ..new red..geranium.. all welcome..show off your red!!!


  2. My lovely red Epi Petie Noe.........
  3. WOO HOO!!!!!! Cool Idea Bagsnbags!! :wlae:

    Your bags look HOT!!!!!!!!!! SMOKIN'!

    Ok, I'm definitely going to join!! LOL , but after I take better pics!! :graucho: heehee...
  4. Here's my red epi jasmin! I :heart: her!
  5. keep them coming ladies..

    LVCRazed..look forward to see your new baby here..
  6. Beautiful pics all!!!!:nuts:
    Thx Bagsnbags!! Me 2! LOL, can't wait to add my lil "Hotty"!:yes:
  7. I only have the red Vernis Biscayne Bay
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  8. [​IMG]

    My favorite color =] I love your lexington. I've been trying to find one myself =]
  9. Now, I only have the EPI RED (with blue and green) NOE :love:
    Even she's not entire RED, she's also HOT, isn't she :greengrin: ​

  10. Ok...I'm "officially" joining!!:yahoo:

  11. Very nice ladies!!!

    evolkatie, thanks, I love it..
  12. Thanks to Ms. BagsnBags, I got my first red epi.... :wlae: :yahoo:

  13. I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!! well done!!
  14. :love: My red Irvine..
    DSC06167.JPG DSC06169.JPG
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  15. Great club, red is my favorite color and here is my gorgeous Soufflot in old red..