welcome to PBC's lil' french boutique closet!!!

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  1. this was a hand me down from my MIL. after she saw the gold studs on my LV suhali bag, she wanted something similar so she bought this dolce & gabanna studded satchel. DH said it looked ridiculous and not age appropriate on his mom (picture an old chinese lady) and so she gave it to me. :lol:
  2. :dothewave:
    What an incredible closet, pbc!!
  3. my LV luggage set...present from DH for my birthday 2 years ago.
  4. I'm enjoying this thread so much! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your beautiful closet, it is soothing and delightful for the eyes and for the soul! I love how you have organized things as well! You have inspired me to organize my own closet (though of course it could not look as chic as yours) :tup:
  5. HI PBC!!!!!!!!!!! so great to see that you have finally created one of these for your closet, I am in LOVE with everything. And I love how you present your bags, each one with a special story :love:
  6. i want to be you when i grow up :smile:
  7. love how u r doin this thread! u r always so entertaining! thx for sharing!!! u have patience and give the effort to do this. maybe one day i'll have the energy!

    onward and forward....
  8. thank you! :p DH owns an IT consulting company. i've recently dabbled in real estate part time. i think the key is not really how much money you make, but how you spend it. i love to bargain shop for just about anything period. it's almost like a high. and i save the big bucks for my BIG TIME loves: Hermes :love: & jewelry.
  9. thank you margarita, originall, Lburke, spiral, mello, addictedtojuicy, suzie!!!

    hope you enjoy some more.....
  10. PBC - you're wanting me to build a new home with a new closet and a new wardrobe!

    your closet is TDF!
  11. Thanks for the guided tour... I am enjoying it thus far... let me help you enlarge some of these pictures so that we can truly enjoy your treasures...




  12. What a beautiful closet! I love all your shoes, they look great on the shelves.
  13. PBC, so happy you made this thread! Got glimpses of your closet through the H forum, but to see it all together, WOW!!! :nuts::drool::drool::drool:

    DH and I are in the process of finishing our basement and plans are already underway to convert a spare bedroom into my dressing room. Got lots of great ideas from you, thanks!! BTW, did you use a closet company?
  14. Your closet is worth the wait,, I wish someday my closet would be similar to yours.. :girlsigh:

    Thank you for sharing and we`re looking forward for the Hermes!! I can't wait to read their stories :amuse:
  15. PBC I've been waiting on your this thread. Beacause of you, I redid my closet. I don't have nearly the space or goodies you have, but it feels good walk in and have space and organization. Thanks again for showing us your lovely closet!!
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