Welcome to our marvelous March 2019 purchases

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  1. Hi all, can’t believe it’s March today for some. Come post your magical purchases here. Can’t wait to see all the new releases and items. Enjoy!
  2. Kicking off my Birthday month with very special luggage, to me from me:heart: HORIZON 55! fullsizeoutput_4d0.jpeg
    IMG_8256.JPG IMG_8255.JPG
    Poodle set complete:happydance: IMG_6963.JPG
  3. Haha it’s still February here in NJ. love your picks, so jelly!!!
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  7. Ordered this today. Keeping fingers crossed because it's limited quantity. Screenshot_20190228-215346_Chrome.jpg
  8. 66933122-217A-4724-9550-CB685F9D7ADD.jpeg My first piece in rose ballerine and my first card holder :smile: love the colour
  9. is it still available? that was launched around december 18!
  10. My SA said that it says limited availability but she was able to order it so there's a chance .She said she'll get a confirmation in a few days. Fingers crossed it's fulfilled. I didn't know it came out that long ago. Might have to look at a different one.
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  13. good luck! checked it out and think it‘s a true beauty!
  14. I remember because I was invited to the LV christmas party and saw it there