Welcome To Our Gucci Reference Library! Updated 04.19.15

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Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
Welcome to our new GUCCI reference library. This is a reference only section, so please use these threads to post pictures, and any information about the particular Gucci style.

Please keep comments to a minimum so we can keep the reference threads streamlined and easy to navigate. If you want to discuss anything you have seen, please do so in the regular Gucci forum area.

Thank you and enjoy!



As well as Gucci's amazing heritage the brand has always been on of the most innovative and fashion forward.

I have now added to our reference library to include newer popular lines as well as some classics that didn't quite fit in anywhere

I hope you will continue to stock the library 'shelves' with all your amazing bags and other authentic Gucci items

If you can remember the date of the collection/first came out, the price, the official colour etc then it would be great if you could include it along side the pics, but the important thing is that you are prepared to leave the pictures in the thread, as it makes very little sense without.

Club threads and threads in the main Gucci forum are the place to reminisce, ask questions about member's pieces, colours and sizes etc

Please remember NOT to chatter in the Library :flowers:

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